Park Lake Carping – Dave Oates

Park Lake Carping

By Dave ‘Sky’ Oates

It got to the point where I was driven to catch some of those illusive carp in my local park lake.

I would often drive past the lake and glance out of the window thinking one day I’ll come and catch you! Anyway that time had come, I decided I was going to commit some time to it before the weather turned colder.

Access is poor, the bank is overgrown with rhododendrons so a bit of gardening was required, this is one of the reasons no one fishes the place these day. I trimmed more back on each pre-baiting trip.

The access was discreet; I didn’t want to advertise the swim to anyone, I pulled back the branches to cover my entrance after each pre-baiting session.

After a couple of weeks spent introducing the Poloni boilies I was itching to get on and give it a go. I knew there was a few in there having fished it many years back but as no one seemed to fish there anymore catch reports were non-existent.

The day came and I parked the van in a nearby carp park and set off to the swim that was tucked away amongst the overgrown trees about half way along the lake, it faced a large island that had trees drooping in all over the place…it looked mega carpy!

I arrived with a bit of a sweat on but my stealth mode kicked in (ex-army) and I crept through the trees with limited tackle. I got down to the edge and set up 3 rods up in the shallow margins. I waded out into shallow water that hid deep silt, this enabled me to position the baited rigs in spots tight to the island that dominates the lake.

The rigs were in the spots that I had been baiting, incidentally these were 14 mm Poloni boilies topped off with the pop up Incredible Edibles, these help balance the bait and give a visible target for carp to pick out.

I sat back in the trees full of anticipation and expectation and cracked open a can of beer, after all it was a Friday evening. I didn’t really know how many carp or even if any at all remained in the lake. Nothing had shown during my pre-baiting trips.

The froth from the beer can had only just stopped spilling out of the can that I had obviously shaken during my stomp down to the lake when one of the Delks burst into life. Beer was nearly split, notice I said nearly lol,  I placed the can on the floor and scrambled into the water, I was still wearing the waders so that was ok.

My heart was pumping as the adrenaline rush took over. The carp pulled hard to the left and fought hard. Darkness had now set in as it slid over the waiting net cord so I was 100% sure how big it was.

Both the carp and I had a 5-minute breather before I took it from the net and onto the padded mat and weigh sling. I was chuffed when I saw the dial hit the 20lb mark on the Reuben’s. It settled on 20 lb 15oz, happy days.

The fish was returned to its watery home and I repositioned the baited rig. The can of beer was retrieved, it tasted even better now as I sat back in contentment.

A couple of hours passed and as I had only planned on doing short evening sessions I was starting to pack up when yes you’ve guessed it, one of the rods was away again. This one fought even harder than the last one. With a huge ball of weed it finally entered the net. I pulled the weed from the fish and was pleasantly surprised to see a common nestling the mesh. It was quickly weighed and pushed the needle around to 15lb 4oz. A typical park lake fish, I was immensely pleased as I headed back to van. The pre-baiting with the Poloni boilies had no doubt helped me. It was almost as if they were waiting for me to return and give them some more lol.

Give it a go, it works.

Dave Oates
Bait-Tech Carp Team

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