Hardened Hookbait Edges – Kev Horton

Hardened/Boosted Bottom Baits – Kev Horton


Fished as either a single or over a bed of bait a boosted hook bait can be a big edge and I’m sure it has got me a few extra bites over the time I have been using them. A boilie straight from the bag is perfectly fine but sometimes having that piece of mind of a hardened hook bait can certainly help when leaving the baits in for any period of time, so I thought I’d share my process of making my hardened/boosted bottom baits.

Step 1.

Take a few Poloni Freezer baits out of the bag and air dry them to stop them going off as you would normally, I tend to leave them for 24-36 hours in the garage.


Step 2.

Take an hand full of the hook baits and place them into an old pop up tub.


Step 3.

Add a small amount of the New Poloni Glug over the baits, keep adding the glug over a few days.

These hook baits will now be perfectly fine for a long period of time in the lake, not only that but they will be pumping that amazing Poloni attractant out for the duration too. Hopefully this will help you put a few extra carp on the bank this autumn.


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Kev Horton
Bait-Tech Carp Team

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