Solid Bag Edges – Ben Hart

Because my time on the bank is very limited I’m always searching for that quick bite. One method that has always had that “get out of jail” aspect to it is solid bag fishing.


It’s a method that comes into its own when casting at showing fish or bubblers because it can be cast basically anywhere with the confidence that it’s fishing effectively nearly every time. It presents its own perfect little parcel of goodness which has serious pulling power and is irresistible to any passing Carp.

Heres my solid bag edge that I’ve been using to put a few extra fish on the bank. Firstly the rig and is one that’s been in a lot of the angling press lately “The Ronnie or Spinner rig” attached to a 4inch section of supple braid. I’ll fish this either with a drop off Inline lead system if there’s a fair amount of weed present or an inline shocker system if the water is relatively weed free. The hook bait of choice is a 14mm Poloni Washed Out Pop Up, this will sit perfectly above the little parcel of food once the bag has melted and will act as a perfect focal point for any Fish as it closes in.

Now for the contents of the bag itself, firstly I’ll add about 5-10mm of dry Big Carp Method Mix Poloni, I like to add this dry as I feel I will be more active under the water once the bag melts. I’ll then place the hook bait in and add a little more method mix followed by the lead system. I’ll then add some of the Spod and PVA pellets until I have the desired amount in the bag all the time tapping the bag making it as compact as possible.

Once this is done The bag is now ready and can be cast out just the way it is and will definitely catch you fish but I like to take a couple of extra steps just to make the attraction of the bag even more appealing to a passing Carp. For the next step I’ll take a syringe and inject in about 3ml of Poloni Oil obviously being extra careful because syringes can be very dangerous! By adding the oil it will draw the fish in from further away and help them home in on the contents. It will also create a flat spot on the surface every time the bag contents are disturbed.

The next step I do is by adding the Poloni Oil and the Poloni groundbait to the outside of the bag, I do this by systematically dipping the bag in firstly the oil then the groundbait. I’ll repeat this process several times until you have a couple of layers on the outside of the bag. This is a great way of adding attraction in the different layers as the bag is falling through the water and will definitely help draw passing Carp to the area of your hook bait. I will touch that in the cooler months I’ll use the Bloodworm Liquid instead of oil because it will be able to disperse in the water much easier. This is definitely a quick bite method with a high degree of good presentation and I know it will help you put a few more fish on the bank.


Give it a go and I hope it’s as effective for you as it has been for me.

Ben Hart
Bait-Tech Carp Team

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