Vitamin PVA – Quick Tip By Ben Soane

Bait-Tech Carp Team Angler Ben Soane reveals an edge that you have just simply got to try the next time you are out on the bank now that the colder months are upon us!

Here’s a great little tip for you when using PVA bags.

Tie up a solid bag as normal, placing a short rig and lead inside with your chosen bait. I opt for Bait-Tech Mixed Feed Pellets, a few chopped Poloni Boilies and a small amount of BCMM Poloni groundbait all mixed together, with either a 14mm Poloni Wafter or double Incredible Edible hook bait inside. For an extra edge I then add a water soluble vitamin tablet to the bag contents before tying it off and casting it out. I use supermarket own brand tablets as they only tend to cost around a £1.50 for 20, so a tube will last you for 20 casts, and hopefully 20 carp. If you opt to add neat oils to your bag, make sure they go in first, and don’t get poured on the tablet as this will affect the breakdown process we are aiming to achieve once the bag is cast out.

As the PVA bag hits the lake bed and starts to break down, the tablet reacts with water creating a ‘Vitamin Volcano’ of attraction for a short period of time, kicking out some of the bag contents but more importantly blasting away a lot of the PVA residue that seems to be forever present when the water temperatures are very low.

With colder temperatures just around the corner, give this a try as I can guarantee it will result in a quicker bite this Autumn/Winter. Test one in the edge and see why this is such a great edge.

A 25lb Common caught on an icy morning in February using a ‘Vitamin Volcano Bag’.


Ben Soane
Bait-Tech Carp Team

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