Keep Catching in the Cold – Pete Mahoney

Welcome to Autumn! But lets think about the change to come when Autumn meets Winter and the fishing starts to slow. What can we do to keep fish coming and get the most from our pegs? If you read on then you’ll be able to adopt some of the hints and tips I’ll give you to put into your own fishing and hopefully a few more fish in the net.


Today I set up on peg 7 of Willow Lake at the Partridge Lakes complex. Joined by my son Ed on peg 8, we decided to fish different methods but with similar baits. Ed set up the pole whilst I decided on some feeder action. On the pole Ed has set up to fish on the deck and one important factor has to be presentation. Scaling down your tackle is massively important – The water will start to clear and the fish will slow down including their feeding habits.

Elastics: Choose the right one for the job. Using a lighter elastic in winter will help you land more fish as the fish are not their usual stroppy selves so this helps us to keep the correct tension between the fish and your top kit also avoiding hook pulls.

Rigs: scaling down your mainline is important especially on snake lakes due to the clarity of the water but you don’t have to go too light. I’ll usually scale down to 0.15 which is just heavy enough to avoid tangles when shipping in and out. Lighter hook lengths will also be part of the equation.  I tie up 6 inch hook lengths of 0.10 or 0.11 to a size 18 or 20 hook. Dotting your floats down as much as you possibly can is something I can’t stress enough. Bites become so shy that they barely register on the float so shotting up your rig correctly will help put more fish in the net.

Feeding: Don’t over feed! Put the big pots away and fish for one fish at a time. Today Ed demonstrates the way he feeds his deep swim by crushing tightly a small ball of 2mm Bait-Tech Carp & Coarse pellets and then feeding it via his cad pot not making a splash so that he knows that the small ball will hit the bottom of the lake, draw in fish and then to keep them feeding by feeding to the time between bites.

Today I’ve opted a really tiny pellet feeder weighing just 15g. When cast the feeder hits the water with a tiny plop which sounds very similar to throwing an 8mm pellet in. This won’t cause much disruption to the swim at all so if you can use one and it’ll cast far enough for you then go for it. It’s better than settling with a massive method feeder that you set up in summer and not only does it make a loud splash especially if you’ve got to cast about to find the fish, but you risk over feeding whereas with the tiny pellet feeder there’s enough bait there to tempt one fish at a time.

Hook Baits: Bait-Tech offer a massive range of hook baits that you can still use through winter. Carp seem to go to highly visual baits rather than a scent in winter and so for me bright vibrant bait are a real winner. As you can see from the pics there’s loads of options with our boilies, slow sinkers and Incredible Edibles that all work perfectly as your offering the fish some real visual stimulation and a go to bait. One method I have been using lately is to punch out a Bait-Tech Poloni Dumbell with a 6mm or 8mm punch. They are lovely and soft and you can pretty much mould them into whatever shape you want, give them a go!


So why the need to put the kit away for winter when there’s fish so many fish to catch. Go out, give it a go and send your catch reports in.

Enjoy Your Fishing

Pete Mahoney
Bait-Tech Street Squad

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