Krill & Tuna Maggots For Barbel – Justin Beale

Krill & Tuna Maggots!

During the colder Autumn and Winter months in the daylight hours on a low and cold river Bait-Tech’s resident Barbel expert Justin Beale uses the humble maggot to build his swim which helps catch those wary Barbel and Chub. He does though have a secret weapon hidden in his bait bag which he reveals here, you have just got to try it! Justin takes up the story to tell us more.

Not only is this a deadly tactic for catching in these harsh, difficult conditions but it also builds the swim for the dusk and evening period when switching to pellets or boilies will be best. As all of those lovely maggots will have put a nice bed of bait down in your swim and travelled down river pulling up fish from further downstream.img_8831

A massive edge which I often use is to try using our Bait-Tech Krill & Tuna Oil glugged over your maggots as this gives a huge edge and increases the pulling power massively as the power of the maggot forming a slick as it wafts downstream is just too hard for any self-respecting stubborn barbel and chub to resist. Krill and Tuna Oil is without a doubt one of the most effective additives I have ever included in my fishing and catches me loads of fish in these difficult river conditions when others struggle.

The question won’t be ‘Will I catch?’ It will be ‘When will I catch?’

Get on it.

Justin Beale

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  1. Ropbert Woods October 23, 2016 at 2:14 am

    Would these flavoured maggots work for perch fishing as well…?

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