John Bassili’s Carp Diary!

It has been another great month for Bait-Tech’s carp catching machine John Bassili with lots of lovely carp falling to his rods using some interesting tactics!

Following on from my experiment in August when I was struggling to get a bite on this particular day, out of pic-4desperation, I tried something totally different, and boy am I pleased I tried that!

I have since lost count of the amount of fish I have landed let alone hooked.  Can you guess…?  A simple method feeder loaded with pellets and a banded pellet on the hook!

Yep, that’s right, my 2.5oz leads have been removed and they have been replaced with a Guru x safe system 45g method feeder. When I first tried it, I had a 10ft match feeder rod in the van that I used with a standard feeder which got me the bite, took me forever to land as my mainline was only 8lb but it got the fish it in the net, a stunning looking common!

However when I used my carp rods with 2 3/4 lb test curve, and a method feeder, I kept pulling out of the fish. That’s when I decided to use the Guru ones which have an insert with black hydro elastic in, to cushion any lunges that the fish make, especially under the tip. My first couple of fish on them, I was a bit nervous to say the least, as I didn’t know what to expect, but they came safely in the net with no dramas. The hook I’ve been using is a size 10 drennan super specialist with a band on a knotless knot on 12lb mono, 6 inches long. A bit too cute for them!


Now onto the magic bait…. It doesn’t get simpler really, a bag of 4mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellets soaked for a couple of minutes, drained, and leave to rest for 20mins. Then give them a shake around before drizzling some Sweet Coconut Liquid over them. That adds attraction and stops the pellets drying out during the session. On the hook I simply slip an 8mm carp and coarse pellet straight out of the bag onto a bait band. Simple, yet devastating!


I managed to turn my day session into a frantic afternoon, 3 fish in an hour! A peach of a mirror at 25lb  this old brut at 23lb and a common at 21lb. Two of these fish I’ve never seen before and I’m convinced, this method is tripping up the wiser carp that lurk around, thinking they’ve seen it all before. Well on most carp lakes these days that can be said for 3oz leads and boilies, but have they seen this method often? Give it a try, it has turned my season around.


Until next time

Good Angling

John Bassili
Bait-Tech Carp Team

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