The Road To Happiness – David Dauchy

On The Road To Happiness – By Bait-Tech’s David Dauchy


Most days I would drive home from work and pass over a bridge. The dark waters of the river below held its own secrets. I knew it quite well from years gone by. I had fished it years back when I much younger although on a stretch many miles downstream and had caught many common carp.

Access had always seemed impossible as I passed over the same bridge day in and day out. One day something just pricked my inner carp brain and as I passed over the bridge I had an urge to turn off at the next available exit and would try and worked my way back towards the river.  I just followed my nose and hoped my instincts would lead me to somewhere close to the river. Eventually after lots of twists and turns I at last came across a dead end with just a
rough farm track that looked unpassable.

I felt I had got this far so would I have to continue by foot. I parked the car and climbed the barbed wire cattle fence and set off on foot across the nettle ridden field. Many stings later I came to the river. I could see the dark figures of chub cruising below the surface as I wiped the sweat from my brow.  The river moved at slow and steady pace, it looked deep and as though it would hold a few carp. Down steam a huge willow tree leaned towards the water, it looked inviting and a good refuge point for carp.

The tree drooped its branches to the water and the leaves kissed the surface as they occasional touched the moving water as they swayed in the gentle breeze. I decided I would return and pre bait the swim with the willow tree. Over my next two baiting trips I fed both 14 & 18 mm Poloni boilies, these were coated in Poloni oil and then coated with Mojo groundbait, this is done the night before so the boilies really soak up the goodness.


I was eager to fish the stretch and so returned with in the same week I had twice pre baited.

I set off along the farmers track and reached the barb wire fence, I chucked my bits of tackle over the fence. I was travelling light with just the basics, net, mat, rod, and a bucket full bait and of my favourite Gardner rig bits. The rivers can be snaggy so I had set up with a snag leader to my .35 main line.

Once I reached the river I fed a couple of balls of crushed Poloni boilies mixed in with some of the Mojo groundbait it formed a ball which would get the bait down on the river bed.

I cast out in expectation and hoped. I didn’t have to wait long and within 15 minutes the rod looped over the high extending bank stick, I pounced on the rod and I was into a carp.

I was so happy to have received a take and hoped it was indeed a carp, I wasn’t disappointed in fact I was ecstatic as I slipped the net under a mirror carp which made it feel even more rewarding as the river is known for its common carp, you could fish the river a hundred times and never see a mirror carp so you can imagine how happy I felt and how satisfied that my efforts had indeed been rewarded so magnificent.


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