Pre Baiting Edges – Brad Lewis

Bait-Tech Carp Team member Brad Lewis shares his thoughts and tips on getting the most from prebaiting which will no doubt put more carp on the bank for you this Autumn!

Pre Baiting

It’s no secret that since the birth of carp fishing all those moons ago, pre-baiting has always been one of the biggest edges, and now is no different. All of the waters I fish are low stock syndicates which hold an abundance of natural food items.

Having 48 hours every couple of weeks at my disposal is not enough time to establish a bait and an area. Therefore I make the effort when I can to get down to the lake before I fish and introduce some Poloni magic. First and foremost it is important to do this correctly and don’t over do it. A couple of kilo is more than enough if you are planning to fish the area in the next few days. It is vitally important that you use a good quality bait, after all you need to be reliant on the food quality of the bait as this is what will be bringing them hungry carp back to the area.

The Poloni Boilie is a fantastic food source and keeps the carp grubbing around with its potent smell and long lasting attractors it keeps the carp coming back! I couple this with the Super CSL liquid along with Poloni Oil, I then pepper the tiger and peanut ground bait to the moist Boilie and it sticks to it nicely. I also like to had a few handfuls of the super seed hemp, both whole and crushed. I add this to the spots because it sinks into the silt and still gives off this all important food signals even when the Boilie has gone.

Finally I’ll add some of the Scopex flavoured sweet corn I only add a tiny amount, probably 1 large handful to every kilo of Boilie. This is so that it gives the area some visual attractors and gives me some hook bait options. I prefer to use a smaller amount of corn as I believe the carp begin to pick the sweet corn out first and this can often lead to a quicker bite. I have found on my particular waters that 3-4kg of bait 72 hours before I fish the spots works best and I use this as a benchmark.

Tight lines and Happy Baiting

Brad Lewis

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