Poloni Paste – Quick Tip by Harley Buckle

Poloni Paste

Paste wrapping a boilie can be a fantastic way to catch carp because the paste leaks off attraction and breaks down right around the hook bait drawing the fish and ultimately getting you a faster bite. Wrapping the bait can be quicker than tying up a PVA bag.

Here’s my paste mix I take one egg whisk the egg up then I add the Bait Tech Poloni Oil whisk the oil in to the egg then I take the Bait Tech Poloni Groundbait add little bit at a time until I can achieve the correct consistency. Then by taking a pitch of paste you can wrap the matching Bait Tech Poloni Boilie into the paste.

Also if you are having trouble with nuisance fish picking up your bait you can roll the past then boil it in a saucepan which mean making a bigger boilie than what you had previously.

You can also make different shape a bollie than the fish have never seen before which can give you an edge when the fish are extra cagey from angling pressure.



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