A Trip to Blundells – Pete Mahoney

With a list of bad draws as long as my arm and countless prayers to the draw Gods I headed over to Blundells fishery to fish the rover match. A quick look round trio lake I noticed that the wind was blowing a North easterly yet looking at the weather app there was promise of a North westerly. This makes all the difference as the fish follow the warm wind, settle better under the ripple of the water and it could be that you end up on the right or the wrong bank.

I ditched the weather app that I would normally live to and went with what was actually going on in front of me, so at the draw I fancied either peg 31 or 27. Harry Billing went on peg 31 and so peg 27 was my home for the day. Setting up I noticed that plenty of fish were cruising about and in bright sunshine that ripple I was just on about and the right technique and bait was going to make a difference.  I set up a method feeder to fish to the island and the bait of choice for this line was half a bag of Bait-Tech F1 with a good glug of The Juice and for the hook 8mm Carp & Coarse pellets.
My edge line consisted of one of my own pellet floats tied to 0.17 Milo ghost line with a banded hook length of 0.13 Milo Ghost and a size 18 pellet hook. The bait for this line was 4mm Carp & Coarse pellets again gluged with The Juice and lastly a shallow line made up using my own shallow floats tied to again 0.17 Milo ghost with a 4 inch hook length of 0.13 Milo ghost finished with a size 16 hook. This line was Purely for fishing maggot shallow.

At the all in I started on the method feeder. Baiting up twice to get some feed down to the island sedges and began toblundells feed my edge line and my shallow line. It wasn’t long until my tip rod flew round and I was into the first fish of the day which was very welcoming and I thought “I want your mates too”! Straight back in and I was soon into another.  After 40 minutes of feeding my shallow line I was soon into the competing fish and when they backed off I simply switched to my edge line, caught a few and then went back onto the shallow line. I could have kept putting sections on but I knew I’d either push them right out or I wouldn’t be able to feed tight enough and I wanted the fish competing in a small
space as I mentioned earlier there was plenty cruising about enjoying the sunshine.

This worked really well by resting and rotating the lines when I needed too and at the end of the match I was literally buzzing that I’d finally got a decent peg and fished the life out of it. When the scales came I weighed in the 58 fish which collectively gave me 130lb on the scales. This gave me 5th place which I’m happy with (for now!) and hoping I’ve turned a corner with the draw bag. Keep believing! Keep fishing and have faith in your bait and what you do.

Tight lines
Pete Mahoney
Street Squad

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