Match This Champion’s Interview – Jon Whincup

Bait-Tech’s Jon Whincup made history on 3rd September 2016 by taking the Maver Match This Champion title with victory in the Final at Hayfield Lakes near Doncaster scooping a massive record breaking £70,000 in the process after weighing a huge 105 kilo 750 gram (235lb) weight of Carp – Tony Curd caught up with Jon to get his thoughts on an extraordinary day.


Tony Curd: First of all Jon a massive congratulations from us all here at Bait-Tech on an emphatic win in Saturdays Maver Match This Final at Hayfield Lakes you must be elated and relieved equally, has it sunk in yet?

Jon Whincup: Thank you very much and no it’s not sunk in yet I’m sure it will soon but at the moment it’s all a bit surreal, like you say I’m elated but also relieved to finally get one of the big ones on my cv.

TC: Let’s go back to the beginning and where it all started for you this year in qualifying at Larford Lakes. Did you have a feeling once qualifying that it may be your year after making the final in 2015?

Jon Whincup: In all honesty I knew it was my year as soon as I qualified, I qualified last year from Larford as well but in the final I actually sat in between 1st and 2nd and to be so close to the winner I saw just how good it must’ve felt and was absolutely desperate for another shot at the final.

TC: In the build up to the final what was your approach to preparation, did you practise constantly or simply just do enough to get your rigs right and leave it to fate in the draw bag?

Jon Whincup: I fished the lakes 4 times in matches leading up to the final although one match was the pole championships which was on the other lake but even that helped getting me in tune with fishing a deep lake which you don’t find on many commercial waters.

TC: Preparation done, rigs tied it was time for the gala evening and the draw, where did you draw and what were your initial thoughts on it?

Jon Whincup: I Drew peg 17 permanent peg 49 and my initial thoughts were that it was a good area having being near it on the previous Wednesday and I did fancy it as a potential winner but with a very strong field and Jamie Hughes on the next peg for company it was going to be no easy task.

You were locked into a serious battle from start to finish with Jamie Hughes on the next peg, what were your thoughts on the tactics you used as you both fished very different matches?

Jon Whincup: I was quite surprised when Jamie didn’t start short as it had been a good starting point but I could also see that he was into fish straight away and he was soon settled in and bagging but I soon started to get bites after about 10 minutes which was a great sign and from that point onwards I never stopped catching on the same line and I knew I had to stay on that to give myself the best possible chance of the win.

TC: The match is over and you’re now waiting for the scales that must have been the longest and most stressful wait of your life! Talk us through those final moments as you weigh in and ultimately watch your nearest rival on the day Mr.Hughes weigh in…

Jon Whincup: It was ridiculous really I did have a nerve steadying beer handed over to me though while I waited and I think I knew I had won it when Jamie pulled his 3rd net out and he needed 33k I knew it wasn’t enough

It must be the best feeling in the world to get up on the stage and be handed not only the trophy but a massive cheque for £70,000! What do you plan to do with the money and ultimately what is next on the list for Jon Whincup?

Jon Whincup:I Haven’t got a clue about the money to be honest, and in all honesty it really isn’t about that I know people say that but the title means so much more to me something that can’t ever be taken away. Next on the list is 2 Weeks away at White Acres in the Maver and Preston Festivals and hopefully I can make the Parkdean Masters Final which carries a £25,000 purse itself and then maybe getting into a bit of coaching or something along them lines, watch this space.

TC: Once again huge Congratulations on becoming the Maver Match This Champion for 2016.Thanks for sharing the experience with us and we wish you all the very best of luck for the rest of the season.

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