Manley Old Hall, Cherry Pool Session – Darren Tracey

For this weekend’s session out on the bank, a return to Manley Old Hall Fishery in Frodsham Cheshire was on the cards. After having a great first session on the Black Poplar Pool a few weeks back, for this session I decided to give Cherry Pool a try for the first time.

Situated next to Black Poplar, it was business as usual…..clean and tidy fishery and banks, comfortable pegs and plenty of features to go at. Having a walk along the bank that follows the track that leads to the third lake on the complex, I settled on a peg with bank side cover, a lily pad to my left and open water to my right, giving me a few different options to go at. With that, I decided on pole tactics for the day. Species in this pool are very similar to Black Poplars. Mirror and Common Carp, Crucians, Tench, Skimmers with bigger Bream, Roach and Rudd. This pool also consists big Chub and Perch, with specimen stripys upto 4lb!


Settling on my peg, I sorted out my bait for the day firstly. Baits consisted of Super Sweetcorn Strawberry, N-Tice Polony cut into 8mm cubes, 2mm Special G feed pellets that were soaked to soften them up, 6mm and 8mm Carp and Coarse pellets and also paste made from Special G Gold. Just as a quick re-cap, my ideal method for mixing the paste, is to add 1 pint of water into a bait tub. Add 2 large cupping kit cups of Special G to the water and give it a good mix until combined and leave it to stand while tackling up.


So, deciding on a pole approach, I chose to start off with 4 swims. Top 2 in the margin with feeding and fishing the 8mm N-Tice. Top 2 out in front feeding Special G micros and fishing paste over the top. 2+2 again feeding and fishing N-Tice and 2+4 to the lilies feeding Special G micro and corn with corn on the hook. Starting off on the corn and micro line. I fed some micros and corn by a small cad pot on each put in, that was greeted by the whole area becoming a mass of bubbles! All I could produce from this swim was a string of nice roach and rudd before something took the corn and tore straight into the lily bed.

Unfortunately after that, the fish stopped coming so I moved into my meat line.   Having fed a big cup of meat at the start of the session, it wasn’t long until I dropped in on my 2+2 line with an 8mm cube of N-Tice on the hook and the float buried almost straight away with a skimmer coming to the net. In a bid to feed off the skimmers I put in another big cup of meat in. Next bite, and bingo….carp on.

I continued the pattern of big cup of meat going in after every fish and kept a good run of carp to the net. With signs of fish moving in my margin, next drop in with meat was down the edge. Almost straight away, float sunk under and before I had chance to pull the fish away, it had snagged me solid in some marginal snags. After freeing my rig, I dropped some meat down the edge and moved onto my top 2 swim straight out in front that was alive with activity over the Special G micros I’d been feeding by hand.


Picking up my paste rig, I moulded a big piece of paste around the hook and plopped it in over the micros. Straight away the fish were on it and the float never settled still for a second. With a positive sinking of the float, the first paste fish was on. And to my surprise a small fin perfect crucian was in the net. Plopping in another ball of paste with some more Special G micros threw in. The float shot under instantly and the first of many carp was on its way in. It was as if the fish were in an absolute Special G frenzy, as I couldn’t get the paste and micros in quick enough, with plenty of carp up to 3lb, plus crucians and odd big skimmers taking the paste with absolute confidence.

Such was the sport on the paste, I went down the edge again for about 15 minutes. I took a tench and a big skimmer on the N-Tice Polony before I was drawn back onto the paste line and went back to catching a carp a put in.   With an hour of the session left, I come off the paste line and went after the fish topping on the surface after my 6mm pellets I was feeding. On with my shallow rig and a 6mm pellets banded, and straight away I was into some lovely roach on the slap. The was no carp to come on the shallow pellet line, but after the carp I’d been catching on the paste, a nice hour long run of shallow pellet roach was a perfect end to the session.


With that, another session was over and with the weekly grind quickly approaching, I packed up and made my way home. Another fantastic session with plenty of action and fish gracing the net. The stand out bait today was without doubt the Special G Paste, and the frenzy it whipped the fish in to. And it’s not just carp that are partial to paste, as my session today proved. The last few weeks I’ve used it not just on commercial venues, but also on small farm ponds, with the same results. It’s easy to prepare, easy to fish with and the results will speak for themselves. If you’ve not fished with it, get out there and give it a go. Finally, a big thanks to Billy who runs the fishery, for his hospitality on the day.

Tight Lines

Darren Tracey
Street Squad


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