Milo – Bait-Tech Bonanza!

Monday Bank Holiday and it was off to Weston Pools for the Milo – Bait-Tech Bonanza!

With a load booked on and the venue fishing well we were all looking forward to this match. With some rods up for grabs along with buckets of bait and the mandatory wedges of cash it was no wonder the line up at the draw queue looked rather tasty. 4 lakes in and plenty of room it was Stetton peg 10 that stuck to my mit. I wasn’t overly confident as although I had fished the lake twice before, the first time I drew pants and the 2nd time I made a hash of it so I was a little puddled as to an approach. Simple was the plan, pellet shallow at 16m across in front of the pallet, casters and Predator Plus drenched worm slop down the middle shallow and for a change some shallow edge fishing.

In brief I’ve had a nice day. A bit mixed emotions on my part as although I did okay I should have done better and knew decision making had cost me fish. That said I know I’m still learning the lake there so that is costing me time as I work things out. Unfortunately when you have some of the best in the country fishing all these small things add up.

I’ve caught on and off all day and in fairness it was a great day. I’ve weighed 128lb ish of which 30lb was ide so I’ve had loads of bites, lovely fishing. Those small things I mentioned did indeed cost me as 134lb won the lake and 131lb was 2nd meaning I was relegated to 3rd. it’s all about learning though so these things happen.

The match was won by the deadly duo… Connor Barlow smashed it from canal with a hooooge 168lb and 2nd was that man again, Andy Bennett with 150lb odd. Well done to all the lads who won and framed, Mark Taylor is on fire.


Incredible fishing considering you are fishing for all sorts of different fish rather than just big carp.

Massive thanks to all who attended and an even massiver thanks to Richie Parry, Cagsy, Giles and of course Mike.. Good company, great fishing and even better surroundings. Sign me up for the next one.

Andy Neal

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