Paste Perfection – Tom Downing

Tom Downing shares a great method for making a very simple but hugely effective paste using our Special G Green Groundbait.

With the warm weather months well upon us and the water temperature at a steady high paste can be a really devastating method to fish, usually picking out a better stamp of fish than other methods. To save time on the bank which is so important I like to make my paste up before hand at home. Not only does it save time but stops you getting mucky on the bank.

Here is how I prepare my paste.

It really couldn’t be simpler, first of all I get my trusty Bait-Tech Special G Green and Some Bait-Tech Liquid Pellet Oil IMG_2446and half fill a 3 pint bait box with water. (Measurements don’t have to be accurate I just play it by eye). I then start to add the ground-bait little by little to the water and constantly mix it with a spoon. The mix will instantly look un-usable but don’t panic the water will soon take on so the only thing you have to be a little careful with is not to put too much ground-bait in at a time and it will soon look like fish heaven. The consistency I look for, for pole fishing is fairly sloppy so it holds together over the hook but the hook will pull straight through it with no support and for conker style fishing on the bomb I mix it a lot stiffer to withstand the force of a good cast at range.

Once you have got to the consistency that you are after I like to put a few squirts of the Bait-Tech Liquid Pellet into the IMG_2449pastes. It packs it with loads of smells and attractions which the fish crave and also makes the paste nice and smooth and when in use the bits tend not stick to your hands as much.

Finally I like to bag the paste up and freeze it down for future use as I tend to make my paste up in bulk and simply take out what I need the day before a match. Also whatever I don’t use during a match, as long as it is kept out of the sun I like to refreeze the paste until it’s all gone!

Give the tip a try and hopefully it will put a few more fish on the bank for you on your next paste session.

Tom Downing

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