1020lb in SIX Hours! – Nathan Gooderham

Nathan Gooderham has been enjoying the challenge of catching a 1000lb haul in six hour matches at Arrans Lake in Essex – Yes that was 1000lb! – He recently ran a match at the venue with outstanding results!

Well I was off to the the prolific bagging Mecca being Arrans lake in Essex to run my first match. It was nice to be in charge for a change, I decided to peg it out the same way we did in a 2 day festival there a few months back as there were some huge weights recorded that weekend so it would of been rude not to do the same.

I knew that we were up for another mega hauling session today as this place seems to be getting better and better every time we visit! the lake record currently stands at a colossal  1287lb!! With there being a couple of anglers passing the 1000lb mark last time it would only be a matter of time before that was challenged! With 10 of us lining the bank ready to roar, we all had plenty of room, it was time for the draw, I was left with peg 5 which I was very happy with as it was 1 peg away from the where the lake record is held! I arrived to my peg to find the fish already ‘crawling’ up the bank! The all in and it was time for the bagging to commence for the next 3 hours until the half time weigh in!

I planned to keep it very simple as it’s the only way to catch these silly weights that this place is known for, 2 top kits for the edge as this is where these fish live here, 1 for shallow and 1 for the deck, bait was simple 2 bags of Bait Tech Carp and Coarse 6mm’s and 1 tin of N-Tice meat, as a surprisingly little amount of bait as that sounds for the type of fishing that it is, you don’t have to feed to much as the fish are already there! Feed too much and you have foul hooking galore feeding little and often is the key! I began the match by slapping down the edge and to put it simply it was hectic!! Like nothing you’ve ever seen it was one every single put in! At stages it was hook one, land one, and while putting it into your keep net you were into another one, this carried on until the half way point where we have a weigh in for fish safety reasons, the first person to weigh in almost made me fall over as he managed a colossal 771lb after just 3 hours! I knew that today was the day the record was going to go! My half time weigh totalled 474lb which had almost beaten my 6 hour personal best after just the first half I would be well on my way to a new one! The guy next door to me also managed a massive 613lb absolutely crazy weights!
The next half began and it was all go again I chose to carry on fishing shallow as it was definitely the way to go, this time I was into the bigger stamp fish averaging 5-6lb a piece, and was also catching just as fast so I was determined to reach that magical 1000lb milestone weight! Well another 3 hours past and time for another weigh in! This time, 8 keepnets later I managed to put 546lb onto the scales for a total of 1020lb and smashing my previous record by over 500lb! As mad as it may sound this was good enough for 3rd in the match as it was won with a new lake record of 1514lb! Not only that 2nd place managed 1341lb to also pass it! A total of nearly 7000lb between us all made for a day to remember and some incredible weights that most anglers in the country will never get to achieve!

Nathan Gooderham

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