Waggler Success! – Bill Reynolds

Bait-Tech’s Bill Reynolds has an enviable record when it comes to fishing conventional waggler styles – here he shares his tips and techniques to help you catch more on the float!

Come the Autumn from October onwards a lot of the commercial fisheries hold silverfish matches these matches are predominantly won with Roach and Skimmers the latter being the dominant species responsible for most of the framing weights and for that reason are the main targets!

Some of the venues I fish are relatively shallow with 5ft at the deepest. In recent years October to November onwards have beenpro_natural_sum windy months and fishing the pole has been incredibly difficult and often I see many anglers struggling to hold onto 13m of pole in these conditions and that is where my favourite method – The Waggler – comes into play! In these conditions the majority of the anglers either continue to struggle with the pole or fish the feeder but on the right day a bait slowing going through with the tow presented under a waggler can be a deadly method to employ especially when they are laying stationary on the bottom.

The art in fishing the waggler is the control over the terminal tackle and balanced tackle is essential you must fish with a long and heavy enough float to make the distance with ease without having to really force the cast. Over casting the float is a great way to ensure you get all the line sunk behind the float with a chop of the rod under the surface before tightening up to the float. Feeding your line accurately is always essential especially when the cooler months start to come around, and this is a great reason not to fish too far where you may struggle to feed if the wind gets up etc. one of the major advantages to fishing the waggler is that you’ll often have anglers either side fishing the pole and being that little bit further out with a similar presentation is only going to work in your favour.

A lot of commercials are really switched onto pellets at all times of the year and bream in particular love them, but there is still a place for groundbait and I use a combination of Bait-Tech Pro Natural and 2mm Carp and Coarse pellets as my main feed. With anything from 4mm Xpands on the hook to maggots or banded 4 and 6mm pellets, it’s worth having plenty of options. As your float moves through your peg quite a bit when fishing like this it enables you to cover more ground and some anglers have commented in the past that they never saw my float go under when I’ve hooked a fish this can be identifiable by the float stopping or slowing down on its track through the peg. There aren’t many better feelings than striking into a 2lb skimmer at 20 metres.

While the waggler can be seen as an unfashionable way to tackle up for a match in current times it certainly has its days and I can guarantee it’ll put more fish in your net!

Bill Reynolds

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