Bluebell Success! – Dave Oates

Bait-Tech’s ‘Sky’ Dave Oates takes a trip back to Bluebell Lakes in search of the big mirror known as ‘Dave’.

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to my few days at Bluebell  lakes was the fact that on a previous visit I managed to catch Swan Lakes big mirror known as Dave at 52 Lb, a carp named after me ! No not really it was named well before I had the privilege to catch her. I headed to Swan lake, it was fairly busy as it was July I didn’t expect it to be anything different.

I had a look round and found a fairly quiet bay, I couldn’t quite see into the bay to check if any carp were mulling around in the warm conditions.

I couldn’t climb the trees as they were willows and to weak to support my hefty frame. Job wise I’m a self employed  Sky and satellite systems technician which is helpful as it means I always have a set of three tier ladders on the roof of my van. Luckily you can park behind on your swim on this lake.

These were whipped off and I was soon up in the branches and able to scour the area, as luck would have it I spotted a few fizzers tight to the far margin reed line. I couldn’t set up quick enough I wanted to get a bait on those feeding fish.
Dave Oates ladder shot

It was going to be tricky getting a bait to them as the trees were hanging over the water.

I had an array of baits for the session but decided to put a Poloni stick mix together and fish for a bite at a time, not like me as I normally like to fill it in, my mates always watch in awe when I start to bait up ha ha!!

I crushed a kilo of 18 mm Poloni boilies and added some of the mega potent Poloni oil, this stuff is not the housewives favourite but carp seem to love it.
Poloni Stick Mix

Stick mix ready I nicked a PVA mesh bag on to my hook, the hook bait was a matching Poloni 14 mm pop up on a simple pop up rig.

Stripping off to the boxers I waded in, prodding about with a landing net pole to check the bottom I was able to get out far enough to get a bait down to the reed line in the far corner of the bay were I had seen the fizzers earlier. Fortunately I got it close with the first chuck. My other rods were placed in more accessible areas so I was able to stick a few boilies around each rig.

I was just starting to relax after the rigmarole of setting up the gear when I had a few bleeps. I was soon on the rod it was the rod that I had waded out to cast, could it be ‘Dave’ again? It felt decent and powered around the bay ripping through the bits of weed that littered the bay.

It put up a decent account before I netted the fish, it was common so no it wasn’t ‘Dave’

I let it rest and set up my new camera and weigh sling, the well  proportioned common went 31 lb on the scales, proper buzzin…What a great fish.
BlueBell common 31 lb

Incidentally the big mirror known as Dave also came out again while I was there so it was nice to known the fish is still going strong.

I am not saying you need to start carrying a set of ladders to spot fish but by god they are handy at times.

I managed a couple more smaller carp over teh next 48 hours but as Dave had come out I was waiting for the Z fish to stumble across my hook baits, it didnt on this occassion but I’ll be back again.

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