Family Affair! – Becky Sharman

Bait-Tech’s first lady team member Becky Sharman shares a recent session and reveals that fishing most definitely runs in the family!

You may not know that I’m a mum of 2 and step mum to 3 children, one thing we pretty much all share is our passion for fishing, so as my children grow up they have spent a lot of their time with me on the bank, and luckily enough enjoy fishing just as much as myself and my husband.

So after the children were invited to our local club water to fish the Gladwell junior Cup, we were more than happy to take part.

As the match was held on the Sunday and the weather was looking favourable we thought we would make the most of the weekend and stay Saturday night by the lake, the match was to be held on the smaller lake known as the canal on 2016-07-28 15.45.48the complex. We bivved up on the main larger lake as so we could be there 1st thing the next morning, there wasn’t many swims we could choose from for us to be close together with 4 bivvies, so we settled on the point which gave us the best view on watching the water and the children.

The afternoon drew in finally we were set up and I had my rods out in a swim I’d fished several times before and knew the amount of wraps to hit the spot with the least disturbance. Then catapulted a couple of handfuls of Poloni Bollies over my hook bait. I was hoping that my Multi Rig would do the business again as I had both end rigs soaking with a 14mm Poloni Pop up in the new Poloni Glug for a day or so, and I knew with the pressure from the other anglers on the lake the fish would probably take refuge and head for the snags in the margins, which I was ready to Ambush as they made their retreat just 30 yards away, both traps were set just feet apart.

As the evening fell to darkness there hadn’t been any signs of fish nearby so thinking this would probably just be a camp over we were soon settling down for a good night’s sleep.

I lay listening and watching the light of the moon reflecting off the lake with the resident Swans in the distance, it was so tranquil and peaceful, soon to be interrupted by the screaming of my alarm as my right rod ripped off.

2016-07-28 15.47.35I’m pleased I’d only laid on top of my bed chair as any longer my rod would have disappeared in the lake, the take from this fish was immense and was giving me the run around, after a good battle I managed to net a Beautiful high double linear, no sooner then I’d put my rod back out on the spot and catapulted more Poloni freebies out my husband was into a fish, looked like we could be in for a sleepless night after all, and i wasn’t far wrong as the bites seem to be coming every couple of hours until 3am, from the same spot and on the same Rod 30yrds out for me. It must of been around midnight and I had a nice Common which took me straight into a weed bed, thankfully dropping the lead she come free and after what seemed like an eternity playing the her it was in the bottom of my net, I didn’t bother weighing it but it was stunning fish around 16lb. Then at 3am another Mirror which fell to my ever faithful Multi rig with 14mm Poloni Pop up. Just as I managed to get the rod back out, the skies were getting lighter and I didn’t think I would be getting any more sleep. However I managed a few hours before breakfast and sorting the children out ready for their match.

All in all we had a great weekend My Son won the Cup, my Stepson came 2nd and my Stepdaughter came 3rd. We ended up with 8 fish out of the main lake between us all, and another PB for my Stepson. Here’s hoping for many more weekends the same.

I’m a very proud mum!

Becky Sharman

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