Supercharged Pellets

Pellets are an amazingly attractive bait, with nearly all species of fish having a liking for them. These days, the majority of carp that are stocked into our lakes would have begun their lives being reared on pellets, meaning that they often accept them as an almost natural source of food.

Bait-Tech has a fantastic range of pellets, with many different types and sizes to choose from. There are the ‘benchmark’ Halibut Marines, the super effective Krill or Special G’s and even low oil Carp and Course pellets which are ideal in the cooler months. The whole range comes in all manner of sizes from 2mm up to 20mm.


Pellets feature a lot in my own angling and I always use a complete mix of different types and sizes. This gives various breakdown times, ensuring that attractors are always being released into the water.

Although pellets are great in their standard form, I like to add a couple more products to really boost their pulling power. Firstly I add a liquid, previously it would be an oil, but recently I have been using the new Bloodworm liquid. This is a rich, thick, sticky liquid that lends itself perfectly to the next stage. You don’t want to add too much liquid though, just enough to coat the pellets and give them a glaze.




Once you have left them a few minutes for the liquid to soak in a little, you need to add a powder. I use a mixture of Salmon Fry Crumb and Fishmeal powder both from the Additives range. The best way to do this is to mix the two powders first as this will make sure that they are evenly distributed when added to the pellets. Once you have given the pellets a dusting in the powder, put the lid on the bucket and give them a good shake. The powders will then stick to pellets, giving them a highly attractive coating that starts to leak attraction from the minute that they enter the water. They can be used straight away or left for a few days for the coating to harden slightly.


This technique is not just for pellets and it works just as well for boilies, both hookbaits and loose feed.

James Conway
Carp Team

One Response to Supercharged Pellets

  1. Rod Hart August 18, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    James thanks for this one however I have found this season Ground baits Pellets and Free Feeds in their natural states along with plain bread in a Bread bomb for floater fishing have fared far better.

    Weather has not been on the anglers side water temperatures have been the highest in a long time and therefore water oxygen levels have been low which leads to lethargy in feeding habits.

    Bait-Tech Time Bomb Pellets in their natural state have worked well for my style of fishing mixed with a small quantity of Mung Beans, Maple Beans and Chic Peas just a small handful of each with no additives apart from the natural sugars in the particles plus vitamins and minerals all in small quantities.

    All the Best and thanks for all the info the Carp Boys disseminate in videos and the Monthly News.

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