Ben Hart’s Floater Fishing Tip

Here is a little tip I’ve been using lately to help boost the attraction of my floaters making them even more attractive to carp and giving myself a little edge over everybody fishing the surface layers around me.

Just recently I’ve been boosting the attraction of my floaters by adding liquids and groundbaits to the usual oils I use on my floater freebies. I started playing around with the idea because the carp in the lakes I fish are seeing more and more pressure from other anglers and have started to become very wary of normal floating baits. By doing this I’ve definitely seen a more positive reaction from the carp towards my freebies over other peoples more standard baits.


Here is my simple way of boosting your baits to hopefully bag you a few extra fish from pressured venues. Firstly I add the new Bloodworm liquid. I try to do this about one hour before I’m going fishing for two reasons: Firstly, it helps soften the floaters slightly which helps the carp digest them easier, we have all seen carp come up and take five to ten floaters then disappear for a few minutes before coming up to take a few more. By softening the floaters, it cuts the chewing time down and therefore they spend less time under the water digesting the bait and more on top feeding.


Secondly after about an hour when the floaters have taken on the Bloodworm liquid they will leave a lingering haze around themselves once put in the lake. This is because the Bloodworm liquid is slightly denser than water and is forced out of the bait once the floater starts absorbing lake water. It also aids for quick side hooking in free line situations. The ratio is use is about 3kg of floaters to a bottle of Bloodworm liquid.

I then add about a third of a bottle of Nutty oil, this has a really creamy, nutty smell to it and is something I know the fish love as I’ve had a lot of success in the past couple of months just using this alone on my floaters. By using oil over your floaters will also help flatten down the surface ripple of the lake helping the carp and yourselves see the bait.


Lastly I add a liberal amount Big Carp Tiger & Peanut Method Mix to the floaters. By doing this the floaters almost become active when in the water with small particles constantly falling off the floaters through the water, they seem to hang at different layers in the water around the baited area. Adding groundbaits also attracts small fish to the floaters, some people find this annoying but I feel it helps the carp pinpoint where the bait is because of all of the feeding activity going on in the surface layers and generally draws them up to investigate what appears to be a free meal.


This has definitely helped me to keep catching when things have slowed for others around me. Hope it helps you put a few more fish on the bank.

Ben Hart
Carp Team

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