Bagging on the Pellet Wag by Dale Foss

On a hot summers morning I headed off to Lakeview fishery in Leicestershire with the weather at around 24 degrees. When I arrived I took a good look at the lake and I then chose peg 5 on ocean pool. This is an end peg where at around 25 to 30 yards directly in front of me I’d get the end of the island but to my left I had a lot of room in open water which is on average 6 foot deep. It was flat, calm and the fish were rolling and crashing about on the surface everywhere so I set up the pellet waggler.

The set up was a Maver 6g arrowhead on a twisted loop trapped between silicone stops and the main line was 0.18 and the hook length 0.17 to a guru pellet waggler hook with a micro band. The bait I wanted to try today was Carp Feed pellets in sizes 6mm and 8mm. I started off fishing at around 4ft deep with an 8mm being the preferred choice but with constant feeding of about 5 or 6 pellets every 30 seconds not a lot was happening. So I shallowed up by a foot and had a carp straight away. It was around 4lb then on the next chuck hooked another only to lose it seconds later.

Another half hour passed and not a lot had happened so I choose to go on to the 6mm on the hook and as feed as I thought these might sink that little bit slower and the response was immediate.

For the next couple of hours it was fish after fish and the swim was black with fish, with the fish averaging between 3 and 8lb. I was starting to put a nice net of fish together, catching them all now at 3ft but with most of the bites coming as soon as the bait hit the water nearly pulling my rod off its rest. With the day getting hotter and hotter and me getting sunburnt after 5 hours I decided to call it a day when my friend Jamie (who is also the bailiff here at Lakeview) came and weighed me in to find I had 88lb of cracking fighting fit carp.

The pellets proved to be a huge success and are also a lot lighter in colour than a lot of other pellets on the market at the minute. I think this definitely brought me a few more bites and a few extra fish just because of the visibility in the coloured water.

Another cracking days angling!

Dale Foss


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