An Original Wraysbury Session

It’s not every day you bag a Wraysbury Original…Nicky tells the story:

The weather forecast was pretty settled as I headed to the RK Leisure complex to fish Wraysbury 1.

It’s always a good idea to check it out in advance as it can play a part in your choice of swim especially if you’re planning on spending a few days on the bank, wind and temp changes can make a big difference especially a new wind change.

When I arrived at the venue I was in no rush choosing my swim so I took some time looking for fish. I came across a geezer who was on a few. We had a chat and I carried on my lap of the lake.

I chose a swim but was not 100% happy with it and not surprisingly the first day passed with no action.

I was constantly climbing the trees to get a good look at the lake to try and spot the carp and although at distance I could still see fish showing over matey further down the lake.

It was not too long before he packed up and I decided it was worth the move into that area of the lake where I had seen those carp showing.

It was quite a weedy area with a tricky cross wind and with about five big beds of weed between me and the showing carp at about 60 metres placement of the rig was going to be critical. There was obviously still a few in the area as I had seen about 30 shows that morning, mainly stockies but the odd lump occasionally showed too.

I decided to give them a bit of bait and out went around 6 kilos of boilies to start off, my usual Poloni boilies in both 14 & 18 mm sizes mixed in with the Superseed Chilli hemp, this stuff is the dogs, I use it in most of my fishing, it’s definitely a go anywhere bait. The spomb was clipped up and the bait was on the money. I decided I would top this up with boilies via a catapult once this initial feed had been introduced.

In weedy conditions I decided to use my stiff hinged rig with a subtle boom with my usual big size 4 hook. I always use a big hook with this rig. Hook bait was a 14 mm washed out Poloni Pop up.


Fish were still occasionally showing but the night passed again without any action. I was just making a cuppa around 7.30 that morning feeling a little disappointed when a steady take on the middle rod saw me spill my tea as I darted off the chair.

The fish took up about 60 m on the first run and it weeded me up pretty soon after but with slow steady pressure it started moving again, the weed had covered its head and it slowly started to come towards me, I was gaining line, my heart was in my mouth as it felt a good one! The net was eventually slipped under a carp but I could not make out the identity or the size of it straightaway as it was covered in weed.

Whilst still trembling I unfolded the weed from the fish and was extremely happy to see it was one of the original stock which I believe was introduced in 1992. It was real dark beauty and it looked immense with the sunlight reflecting off its flanks, boy was I happy.

Rupert the fishery manager was called and he and I officially recorded it at 37lb 8oz happy days.


The rest of the session passed by in a bit of a blur. But for the record I did manage to hook a few more carp over the baited area, one of which was a nice scaly mirror that was 20lb plus which beat me up on the bank, along with a mid-double common. A couple of others evaded the mat thanks to the big beds of weed between me and them.


It was a real nice session and yet again my confidence was further enhanced with the Poloni Boilie which is really proving itself for me this season.

A bit of watercraft and a decent baiting application certainly paid off on this occasion.

Until the next time keep hauling.

Nicky Mills
Carp Team

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