Quick Tip – Slow Sinking Stick Bags

I use stick bags a lot in my fishing as they add attraction to my hookbait, prevent my rig from tangling and protect my hook point from catching on anything on the way down to the lake bed. In fact I’m hard pushed to find anything negative about using them.

Using a slow sinking stick bag is a great edge when fishing in light weed, deep silt or filamentous Algae. Once the stick is attached and cast, the baited rig parachutes down to the lake bed as opposed to crashing down, eliminating the risk of it getting smothered by debris and detritus.

To make a slow sinking stick bag, you need to create a stick mix as normal. My ‘take anywhere’ mix consists of ground up Poloni shelf-life boilies and Mojo Groundbait, mixed with lashings of Hemp Oil.


Make your sticks to the desired length heavily compacting the mix into the bag, but before tying the PVA off, fold a piece of dissolving foam in half and push it down the tube into the PVA mesh so it sits against the compacted stick mix. Don’t squash the foam though otherwise it will take forever to dissolve.

Tie the bag off and slide it onto the rig in the usual way using a long baiting needle, ensuring the needle pokes out the stick bag by the piece of foam. Put the hook point into the foam and cast it out.


The slow sinking stick bag will break down as it hovers above the lake bed eventually exploding and releasing the hookbait with the rig foam attached. Shortly after, the foam will pop up to the surface and you’re fishing, safe in the knowledge that your hookbait is presented perfectly above a small pile of irresistible stick mix.

Go get ’em!

Ben Soane
Carp Team

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