Kev Horton’s Rig Tip

I’m currently using the much publicised multi-rig over my usual hinge-rig due to the fact you can keep your bait tight to the lake bed and also change your hook speedily.

I’m a big fan of bigger hooks and I’ve noticed that occasionally when using the 18mm Fluro pop ups or any larger baits the loop can sometimes move when hitting the clip hard on the cast.

For instance a session lately I was having to cast hard at the far bank towards some overhanging trees and trying to force the rig under the branches as the carp were taking refuge in the cover of the tree line margin.

Due to the fact I was combining a big hook and a large bait, the blowback loop was slipping, I decided to add a small amount (say 5/6mm) of silicone tubing to the eye of the hook. Once it was steamed down I could really hit the clip hard and the loop never moved.

I also noticed, we’ll certainly with the brand I’ve been using, is that once steamed it would hold its shape and wouldn’t need changing when I came to change my hook, I could simply slip the old hook off and pop a new one into the formed shape left from steaming previously.


I’m not a big fan of a too aggressive angle and using a choddy style hook in combination with the silicone really gave it my desired set up for the perfect hook hold in my opinion.

Kev Horton
Carp Team

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