Making the Most of your Hookbaits

I try and keep my fishing as simple as possible, and my hookbait enhancement method is no different.

It all starts with having a brilliant bait which you are 100 percent confident in, in this case and my fishing that is the Poloni range. Recently I have been doing a lot of fishing over a large spread of boilie and sometimes making your hookbait that little bit more scrumptious might just nick you a bite. I have found the Washed out Pop ups to be excellent, even without adding all of grandmas cupboard into the pot, they give off a delicious scent that the carp seem to love. With this in mind and keeping things simple I have been adding some extra Poloni magic and this is how.


These days there’s an abundance of fantastic flavouring and additives you can add to your hookbaits. But why add a concoction of different ingredients when this process has already been done for you and to great success?

The Poloni boilie has several unique ingredients that make up a fantastic bait that has been tried and tested. I use these little gems to make the hookbaits that little more irresistible

First off give the baits a generous helping of the Poloni oil, this gives the baits a liquid covering and allows attraction to travel up through the water column due to the oils buoyancy.


To this I then add a handful of crushed Poloni Boilie. Due to the oils thin coating after a while the boilie crumb sticks to the pop ups and gives the bait that extra dimension of attraction. With leakage of the crushed boilie around the hookbait and the rising oil this is enough to tempt any gourmet carp!


Other ingredients such as rock salt, or GLM are also good methods, however keeping things simple by not giving the bait to many different flavours and overdoing the process, I find that the boilie crumb works fantastically well.


It’s certainly contributed to some of my recent captures.

Hope you enjoy and tight lines.

Brad Lewis
Carp Team

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