A Good Welcome Back Session for Ryan

After not fishing my syndicate for a good few months, it was about time I went and done a session there. Looking forward to trying out the new goodies from Bait-Tech I had recently received, I decided on a two night weekend session from the Friday to Sunday.

Instead of just turning up on the Friday, I decided to go have a look around on the Thursday evening after work, to do a bit of pre baiting. Armed with 2 kilo of Poloni boilies and a throwing stick I made my way down to the lake. I started walking peg to peg trying to find any signs of fish activity. Around half way down the lake I saw some fish at about 80-90 yards out, this was a known swim to me and I knew there was weed out in front, in the area where the fish were showing.

I know some people are afraid and/or don’t like to fish in the weed but I was quite happy to do this and would be fishing chod rigs and a spread of boilie over the top. I proceeded to put out around one and a half kilo of 18mm Poloni boilies soaked in Super CSL Chilli, leaving behind a good spread of boilies in the weed.


As the lake gets busy at times, the remaining half kilo of poloni was dispatched in a different peg just in case my first choice was taken up.

So Friday came, a mad rush after work and a quick pit stop to the supermarket for a few bits and I was down by the lake. Luckily my first choice peg was free, so the barrow was loaded and I made my way down to the peg. Hoping for a quick bite, two chods were flicked out at around 80-90 yards while I set up the rest of base camp.

Just before dark I decided to bring the rods back in, get them freshly baited up and back out on the area. I wrapped one rod to 88yards and the other to 80yards. Both rods were baited with fresh Hi-Viz Sweet Coconut pop-ups, which had been boosted days before hand using the Sweet Coconut liquid. I decided to use colourful and boosted baits as I thought the fish would be able to pick them out better in the weed easier.


Before I even had chance to tighten the line and put the bobbin on the 2nd rod, the clutch was spinning in my hand. I lifted up the rod and instantly knew that it was an angry young carp, as it was shaking its head very vigorously but there was no weight to it. It was a fish nonetheless and I had action within the first few hours of being there. After a quick pic and the fish safely put back, the rod was wrapped up again at 88yards and put back out on the spot.

Having a bite so early on, I decided to get the throwing stick and spread half a kilo of the CSL Chilli glugged up Poloni in the area. During the night I netted another small but pristine common, I’m nearly 100 percent sure these fish have never seen the bank before. The top curtain still present, there’s no marks and they don’t half kick up a fuss when on the bank.


In the morning I decided to change my hookbaits to 18mm, my theory behind this was to try to pick out the bigger fish as so far the two fish I had caught were taken on 15mm pop ups.

Throughout the day I put a steady trickle of bait out spreading it between the two rods, but there was no action. Fish were showing all day at the far margin, as this is around 200yards there is no chance for me to get a rig out onto them, so they happily show themselves knowing they are safe. But as of previous sessions I know they veer out into the open water at night so I was still confident more bites could happen later on.

Around 5pm I wound both rods in to do the same process as the evening before, rods were clipped up using the marker sticks and fresh hookbaits put on. As both of my fish came to the right hand rod at 88yards, I decided to put both rigs out at that distance and also as mentioned before both chod rigs had now been armed with 18mm pop ups. Now the rods were out on the spots it was time to sit back and relax, watching the water for a bit and seeing no action, I decided to put the iPad on and watch a bit of TV.

At around 9.30 my mate from the next swim walked round for a chat, he stepped onto the platform and my alarm bleeped, we both thought it was him so didn’t think much more of it, then all of the sudden the alarm screamed out and a fish was on, what timing that was. Lifting into the fish I felt a bit more resistance, originally due to me bringing in a lot of weed on the rigs the last few casts I thought it would be a bunch of weed adding to the weight. The fish stayed low all the fight, as I got closer I noticed there was no weed on the line, the resistance was just fish.

Now that’s when the adrenaline kicked in, the nerves too, I suppose only an angler can understand that moment. I’ve caught many fish at the syndicate in the past 12 months but somehow have managed not to get a fish over the mid double mark. Was this the one?

As my mate netted it and we had a look, we both thought it had hit the 20+ mark. I was absolutely buzzing and wanted to get it weighed, leaving the fish to rest in the net for a few minutes when we got the scales, sling and mat sorted, then onto zeroing the wet sling. We weighed the common and it come out 20lb on the nose, to say I was pleased was an understatement, the first time back on the syndicate for a few months, first time introducing the Poloni and there’s a 20lb in the net.


We shot a few pictures and got another immaculate common back to the water. I decided to put out another half, to a kilo of boilies over the spots and get the rod back out. The change of the size of hook bait and change of distance had certainly worked, as this time the left had rod had done the damage and it was a bigger fish.




After a sleepless night due to getting attacked by mozzies, the alarm was in meltdown again early morning and an angry mid double was netted. A few shots taken, the fish safely put back and the rod was back out. Putting the remainder of the glugged Poloni boilies I had over the area. After watching the water for an hour or so and taking in all the wildlife and the morning sky as you do, I then slowly started to pack away my gear. It didn’t seem like minutes ago that I started packing away, then off went the other rod, which ended with another angry mid double common netted.


That was now a total of 5 commons and the mixture of Poloni and Hi-Viz pop- ups had certainly done their work.

I packed up the remaining stuff, a barrow trip to the van, a celebratory fry up at the cafe down the road and before I knew it I was back home unloading the gear and treating the mozzie bites to some cream.

What a welcome back session!

Until next time, keep on angling.

Ryan Tisdale
Carp Team

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