There’s No Better Way to Start the Day

I have been struggling to get out and do much fishing of late due to family commitments and it being the busiest time of year for me in my job. I’ve only been managing the odd hour on my local canal before work which has been fairly productive but it can be really tiring stalking carp so early in the morning before a hard days graft.

I decided to do a quick over nighter on a local club lake recently. I loaded the van with minimal tackle at around 7pm and headed to the venue that’s about 15 minutes from my home. Upon arrival I was gutted to see 12 vehicles in the car park. It was only a Wednesday night so I was shocked to see it so busy. The lake is only a couple of acres in size and I was worried I would not be able to get on the fish as I assumed all the prime areas would be occupied.

After a quick walk round, (and an accidental swim in the lake) I was amazed to find one of my favourite areas free down at the far end of the venue. It’s in a separate pool of around 1/2 acre joined to the main lake by two thin channels. The carp can move freely through the two channels and have a tendency to head into the pool when the main lake is pressured. Straight away I saw some carp knocking the yellow lilies around close in so I popped a bucket in the swim I wanted and rushed to the van to get the rest of my gear.

On my way back round, a friend of mine was playing a fish so I stopped to help out and do some photos, further reducing my session length, before racing back to my chosen swim. I already had some of my trusted Blow-Back rigs tied up and baited with 14mm Poloni Wafters. These were tipped with a piece of pop-up corn and then balanced perfectly with a tiny shot behind the Wafter. I use the fake corn as there is an excessive amount of Crayfish in this particular venue. If my hookbait gets chewed in the night I know there will always be a single grain of corn on the hair which is certainly better than nothing.


The pool I opted for is shaped like a horseshoe and my chosen swim sat at the end of the peninsula. I decided to fish a rod on either side to cover as much water as possible. There are clumps of lilies and overhanging trees on every margin. I cannot explain how ‘Carpy’ the area looks.

I knocked up a small bucket of bait consisting of a small tin of Super Seed Hemp and a big tin of Super Seed Parti-Mix. I then added lashings of Bloodworm liquid (a must when fishing in deep silt) and about 50 boilies. I always keep some tins of bait on my van as they are so convenient, great for quick nights as I don’t get through much feed during short sessions. I fish for a bite at a time so I don’t want the fish grazing for hours on big beds of bait before finding my hookbait.


I carry a Mini Spomb in my tackle bag for quick nights rather than bringing a separate Spod rod. I simply attach the Mini Spomb to a quick clip on my mainline and on this occasion I put 10 Spombs of Parti and Bloodworm mix on each of my two spots before removing the Spomb and attaching my Poloni Wafter rigs. Both rods were then cast out exactly where I wanted them. The right rod was positioned in a thin channel of deep silt between a set of lilies and an overhanging tree around 15 yards out. The left rod was cast tight to the far margin about 20 yards out. The length of bank where this bait was positioned against is the only stretch on the entire lake without any footpath so fish will often cruise up and down it due to the lack of disturbance on that margin.


It was meant to be a dry night so I opted to sleep under the stars. The light was beginning to fade so I climbed on my bedchair ready for some much needed kip. A few minutes later I had a line bite on the right rod, too vicious to be a Crayfish attacking my hookbait. A jacuzzi of bubbles then appeared over my bait, no doubt a carp getting excited by all the bloodworm attraction on top of the silt from my mix. I knew the rod would go so I crouched down next to it, ready to strike if the alarm started playing my favourite tune. Sure enough the rod ripped off and after good battle I landed a small common. It was probably one of the smallest in the lake but all carp are very welcome to me. After a quick picture I slipped the fish back, added a few more Spombs of particle and Bloodworm mix to the spot, and cast another fresh Poloni Wafter back out. By this time it was dark so I hit the sack again, happy to be off the mark.


At around 4am I woke to the sound of fish crashing on the far margin near my left rod. I was confident of a bite on this rod too, and before I knew it the bobbin pulled up to the top and stayed there. I struck the rod and after a quick scrap landed a nice Mirror of around 18lb.


The sun was beginning to rise and no sooner had I put the Mirror back there was another huge plume of bubbles erupting over my right hand rod again. My adrenaline was pumping in anticipation of another bite. It was a case of when, not if. I just hoped it would be sooner rather than later as I didn’t have long left. I needed to pack away at 6am and head off to work. I was just getting ready to cast the left rod back out for another quick chance when the tip of the right rod bent round nearly pulling my 9ft creeper off the sticks. As soon as I hit into the fish I knew it was a better one. A decent fight followed, with the fish trying to drag me into a minefield of water lilies the whole way to the bank. A plump common then kissed the spreader block of my landing net weighing just over 20lb. I was over the moon to have had 3 fish in such a short night. Although tired and still wet from my earlier slip in the lake, I packed away and headed off to work with a spring in my step.


There’s no better way to start the day in my opinion.

Ben Soane
Carp Team


2 Responses to There’s No Better Way to Start the Day

  1. alan July 14, 2016 at 10:23 am

    top stuff mate , you really make the best of short session fishing . nicely written piece as well .

    • Ben July 14, 2016 at 6:16 pm

      Thanks very much for your kind words Alan. Nice to get a bit of feedback as I’m new to writing about my fishing. I certainly try to make the most of my short sessions these days as they are all I seem to get.

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