How to catch Surface Cruising Carp

We have all been there in the summer when the carp are cruising around on the surface and you haven’t got a floater or zig kit with you. So here’s a quick tip on how I get a bite on those particular days…….

It may seem odd to use a bottom bait but there is a method in the madness. I like to use an oily stick mix, once tied up dip the PVA stick in your chosen oil.


When you cast out and the PVA breaks down, the oil will travel up in the layers of the water, carp being inquisitive creatures will investigate the source of the oil and this will lead them down to my hook bait.


I like to use the Big Carp Method Mix Poloni for my stick mix, with a trimmed down Poloni boilie hook bait. The Poloni Method Mix is mega potent and has multiple uses.


Why not give it a go?

Harley ‘Belt’ Buckle
Carp Team

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