A Memorable 48 Hours for Brad Lewis

Well what a memorable season it’s been so far! At the start of the year I was overjoyed to be invited to fish a Shropshire syndicate with some absolute gems in. Setting out my campaign slightly more optimistic than I perhaps should have, I got to work piecing the puzzle together. After 12 weeks on the venue I had caught the big girl twice at 30lb 8oz along with the lakes biggest common at 28lb. Among this I managed a further half of the lakes population. To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement.

Just when I thought my season couldn’t get any better I got invited to fish an undisclosed syndicate venue with some stunning long dark old fish in. Electrified with enthusiasm I snatched at the chance and soon waited for my first session there – as always I start my fishing before I even arrive at the lake. What I mean by this is gathering all relevant information about the venue prior to arrival, for example, lakes stock in relation to its size, features, a bird’s eye view of the venue, knowledge off anglers that have fished there in the past and so on, I like to think of this as a jigsaw, pulling together all the little pieces until a full picture is established.

However unfortunately for me I didn’t know many people that fished the venue and knowledge about the lake was kept very secretive. With this in mind I opted to arrive at the lake for my 48 hour session on the Sunday with the hope of catching anglers who had hopeful caught a few from the weekend, and try and get some information off them and hopefully move in on their success. Unfortunately strategies don’t always play out and I was surprised to turn up on the Sunday with not an angler in sight. Forever the optimist I convinced myself that this would benefit me as the fish would be more active due to the lack of pressure and as a result be easier to locate.


After 4 laps of the stunning 12 acre pit, the carp were living up to their illusive nature. I decided to sit down on the peninsula of the lake; this gave me the best view of the surrounding water and would hopefully enable me to spot a carp or two. After what felt like an eternity (15 minutes ish) finally Mr Carp emerged from the depths giving a very subtle glimpse of his head and shoulders, I immediately diverted all of my attention over to the exposed area, at about 70 yards out I broke out the binoculars in a bid to identify any surface activity such as fizzing. Within minutes the spot was fizzing up like bottle of pop, it was obvious Mr Carp had his dinner plate out, after a further 10 minutes I seen an additional four carp show. Off like a bullet I jumped in the car and made my way round to the peg.

The activity was about 20 yards off a cluster of lily pads and a further 20 yards past them. With an abundance of carp already in the area I decided against thrashing the water with a marker rod, instead I removed the marker assembly and place a light dumpy lead on with a large surface area, the logic being to feel for a spot out towards the activity, I wasn’t overly fussed about finding a freshly polished gravel spot, the fish were obviously feeding over it so that was good enough for me, as long as a bait could be presented effectively I’d be happy. First chuck out and “DONK” it was a firm spot, potentially a spot that had recently been fed on for some time and as a result cleaned up.

I started casting at the very edge of the peg, then walking backwards feeling the lead back; this was to give me an idea of how big the spot was out there, I would then repeat this process from left to right using horizon markers. I found that there was a clean spot about three rod lengths across and two rod lengths back, the spot seemed to be surrounded by some low lying weed.

The tactic was simple, two rods tightly placed on the feeding spot with a mix of the ever faithful chopped and whole Poloni Boilie, supplemented by the Poloni Oil and the Super Seed Chilli Hemp. The rigs used on these two rods were simple drop off inline lead setups, with a 7 inch soft coated braided hooklink, coupled with a size 6 wide gape hook aligner aligner style, hook baits consisted of 14mm Poloni Dumbells fished snowman style with the 14mm Washed Out Poloni Pop-ups, added to the popups was the XCite Chilli Oil, I find this a great combination as it gives the bait a kick.


To begin with I didn’t cluster all three rods together as I did not want to place all my eggs in one basket. I have often found the bigger fish will sit on the edge of a feeding spot, with this in mind the third rod was to be cast to the right of the spot amongst the weed on a naked chod setup.

Finally the rods were clipped baited and ready to be propelled out towards the spot; the spot was complimented with 8 spods of the flavoursome mix to start.

It didn’t take long before the left hand rod melted off and there was a very angry carp on the end, after the lead doing its job and dropping off Mr Carp was immediately dancing round on the surface, after a long hard battle I finally slipped the cord over my first carp out the syndicate, overjoyed with my success I didn’t realise I had just bagged the lakes biggest ghost carp at 25lb, and I was completely shocked when i lifted the long old fish onto the mat. Even more so when the needle span round to the mid 20 mark, with a grin like a Cheshire cat he was slipped back and I waited for my next fish.


A further three spods to the spot were added, It didn’t take long for the next carp to slip up, as about an hour later I was bent into another hard fighting carp, he soon gave himself up and was sulking in my landing net, just as I was about to grab the net out the water line started peeling off the middle rod, fumbling around the peg like a drunken teenager I dived for the rod and lifted into yet another carp, at this moment my legs were shaking and all thought of trying to get two fish in one net was overruled by the adrenaline flooding through my body. After a bit of improvisation and wet legs I managed to get him in the net with his baby brother. After revealing these old boys to the bright June sunshine (yeah right not in England) I weighed the pair and slipped them both back, a stunning pair of mirrors, the biggest of the pair being 22lb 8oz and the smaller fella being 16lb.

dble take

Rods were back on the money and nightfall was soon upon me, just as the sun was heading for bed and darkness descended I managed another fish, this time a pukka common of 18lb. I opted to fill the spot with a further 8 spods and headed for bed.


I was rudely awoken by the sound of a singing delkim, this time it was the middle rod, as soon as I connected with the fish it was apparent he wasn’t going to roll over and play ball, he made it his mission to find every weed bed he could find, 5 weed beds after and what felt like 3 weeks I finally managed to capture this angry carp. As I peered over the net it looked to be yet another mid twenty, I left him sulking in the net for a few minutes while I sorted out my camera equipment…….but the carp weren’t done with me yet. The other rod that was on the spot screamed into action and again I was in. Similar to the first double take I had I was too busy grinning to myself to realise that yet again I had to manage two fish in the same net, when the fish emerged from under the rod tip my daft grin was soon wiped off my face as yet another 20 seemed to be on the end. Safe and soundly he joined his mate in the bottom of my landing net. Both fish weighed, the biggest being 24lb and the smaller being 21lb, snaps rattled off and fish released it was time to have a rethink on the right hand rod.

dble take

All but one of the fish caught had been in quick succession of one another; the fish were coming over the area in numbers and feeding hard, so the right hand rod was reeled in armed with a similar set-up to the other two, however I opted for the Incredible Edible Slow Sinkers Sweet Coconut – these had been juiced up with the Sweet Coconut Liquid and a small helping of The Juice. With upmost confidence in these little gems all three rods were now on the dance floor.


After this I managed a further four fish, three of which breached the 20lb bracket, a 21lb ghosty, another gorgeous mirror of 22lb and a 23lb common, these were followed by a mid-double ghosty.



Unfortunately the 23lb common escaped out of my retainer sling whilst I was getting camera equipment ready, believe it or not this is not the first time I’ve had this happen.

I still have a childish smirk as I write this now as this was one of my most memorable sessions to date: 48 hours resulting in 10 fish 7 of which breaking the 20lb barrier.


Thrilled with the result and hopefully my luck will continue.

It’s safe to say I have learnt a few things, one being don’t forget your spare landing net and two buy a new retainer sling that is hopefully as secure as Alcatraz.

Credit all goes to the Bait-Tech products as they have been responsible for a lot of my success this season.

Until next time, tight Lines.

Brad Lewis
Carp Team

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  1. william lewis July 6, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    well done Bradley on your success brilliant fishing

  2. Alix July 23, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Never been more proud 🐟

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