A Change of Scenery for James

I have only managed a handful nights on my syndicate as work commitments and family life always seem to get in the way. The lake runs on a bi-weekly rota system for weekends, which means that if I cannot fish on one of my rotas, I end up going a whole 4 weeks between visits – far from ideal on a notoriously tricky venue. I do have some annual leave saved up at work, but I think that I’d be best saving this for the autumn, when the lake really comes into its own.

Last week I took a break from the syndicate and had a night’s social with a friend at a local club water. We’d planned to have a BBQ which was rudely interrupted by torrential down pours and even hail stones, which is crazy weather bearing in mind that it was the end of June!


Tactics for this trip were kept simple, fishing washed out pink Poloni pop ups over a scattering of Hemp, pellets, and Poloni boilies. Before each cast, I nicked on a small PVA mesh bag of pellets and then dunked the whole lot in some Bloodworm liquid.


I managed a couple of bream at first light and then followed this up with a low double common shortly before packing up. It was great to get a bend in the rod and to familiarise myself with what a carp looks like, as it’s been that long since I’ve actually caught one!


The coming weeks will see me focusing on my syndicate, but due to the depths they have yet to have a proper spawn out, so I may end up venturing elsewhere if another hot spell kicks them off again.

Hopefully in my next update, I’ll be able to write about catching one of the old mirrors that reside in my syndicate!

Be lucky

James Conway
Carp Team

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