Decoy Win! – Jon Whincup

Jon Whincup has an awesome record of results at his local Decoy Lakes near Peterborough – with some spare time on his hands he has been making a few trips back with some fantastic results!

After qualifying quite early this year for the Maver Match This Final I found myself with some blank spaces in my diaryimage1 so for me that meant one thing, more trips to my local Decoy Lakes! After a coming 2nd on the Saturday open which was on Six Islands Lake I was straight back there on the Sunday on the famous Beastie Lake.This has also coincided with the upcoming decoy festival so it is a nice bit of practice as I don’t get there as much these days another bonus. At the draw I pulled out peg 8 which is a corner peg that you always pray has the wind blowing into it and luckily it was!

I set up various rigs to cover a 13m line against a nice Reed bed, a couple of edge lines and a short line. I couldn’t actually make my mind up on what bait to use so I pretty much had everything; Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellets in 4 and 6mm, Corn, worms and casters I had the lot out. I kicked the match off against the reeds tapping in a bit of worm mulch to seewhat was about with an inch of worm on the hook. Approx 5 seconds later I was shipping a 2lb F1 back, quickly followed by 4 of its brothers. I then caught a mixture of ide, orfe, Roach, skimmers, F1s and tench over the next 2 hours until eventually it started to die.

All the time I had been feeding my short line with 4mm Carp and Coarse Pellets and my 2 edge lines with a mixture of worms, casters, pellets and Corn like I say I couldn’t make my mind up on bait.I dropped in on my right edge with worm and caught 4 quick fish, 2 barbel and 2 skimmers before this too went quiet. Swapping between my edges and long line I was ticking over but not really bagging. I decided to start throwing casters down my right edge while fishing 13m and after about 10 minutes I started to see swirls and long shapes down there, ‘best have a look there’ I thought! First drop in on a shallow rig and I had one of these long shapes that turned out to be a 2lb ide, they’ve properly grown in the last couple of years then I started to catch f1s up to 4lb with an odd big ide, here we go! 3 hours into the match and as per venue rules I had to go for a 3rd net, 50lb per net and on my return thinking they might have disappeared I continued to catch really well but I had a problem. Looking down at my casters I only had about a pint left with 2 hours to go and after a bit of scrounging I still only had a pint, thanks lads. I started to feed pellets as well as the casters to try and eke them out and while I carried on catching it was nowhere near as quick. With an hour left I needed a 4th net but I really needed a Golden hour as 3 or 4 other anglers were also on their 4th nets. A few more attempts at scrounging bait were basically met with laughter so I was down to mostly pellets now with a very tiny amount of casters. I somehow managed to have a good last hour to my amazement filling my 4th net and even topping up my other 3, I say filled it but you can never be 100% sure what you’ve got in each net, I tend to stop at 40lb but secretly hope to have nearer 50lb.Come the weigh in one of the other 4 netters had weighed 192lb and while I admitted to 40 odd in each net I knew they would all be closer to 50 as I had put a couple more in each net.

With 3 nets going 48, 47 and 49lb it all rested on the last net, and when I pulled it out it did feel slightly heavier than the other 3,and that’s exactly what it was. It actually went over the 50lb limit by 2lb but it didn’t matter as it was just enough, 194lb. I had just snuck in the lead and kept hold of it even with loads of other good weights around the lake, I think about 80lb was last in the match, awesome fishing. So a nice little win back on my local venue and it’s all good practice for the festival in a couple of weeks I’ve actually been lucky enough to win it twice before but I’m desperate to win it again as it’s been 6 years since the last one so fingers crossed and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Tight lines

Jon Whincup

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