Weston Win – Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor reports on a recent match at Weston Pools Fishery in Oswestry where recent rain saw water levels rise but the fish were still feeding well! He takes up the story…

Well I haven’t done a write up in ages probably because I’ve been getting my backside spanked well not this weekend! I got invited to fish a match on the fantastic venue that is Weston pools and the lake clay pit and I was really looking forward to a fish race on there with recent weights being up to 261lb thought a crazy days fishing would be on the cards but after speaking to a couple of local lads they said might be hard on there as water level had risen and a few platforms under water.

I got to my peg which was peg 9 and I was really happy with the draw I thought I’d fish slop using Bait-Tech Special G 13548965_10209779845362893_487627576_oGreen in a 2ft of water with Bait-Tech Xpand 6mm expander and corn ground bait in margins there were plenty of fish on surface moving round but water was very clear and lacking in colour in upper levels but got told water colour changes as match goes on well all in was shouted and started to feed slop in front of me at 6mtr on the bar and fished top kit while shallow line was maturing first 45mins I had probably 2lb of silvers and crucian and gave up on this line wasn’t going anywhere fast so switched to shallow line which resulted in 3 quick f1s bingo there here bagging time nope wasn’t to be so in 2hours I’d been feeding edge line had a look and same nothing but plenty of fish moving on the surface couldn’t understand it and looking round the lake and it seemed everybody was struggling for bites never mind fish so 21/2 hour into match I had 6lb in net different attack was needed so out came the trusty maggots and a maggot rig silvers were feeding so catch as many as I could rig was a 4×12 RW floats Maggie 0-13 mainline and 0-11 bottom 20 kamasan f1 hook started feeding maggots to the left shallow 4ft water at 6mtr and fish a chuck with odd f1 to my surprise. 11/2 hours to all out and I’ve run out of maggots.

I noticed peg 2 catching the f1’s with wind blowing off my back into peg 2 thought game over but I brought the slop be into play as ran out of maggots and after feeding for half hour and picking up odd f1 they started to climb over each other in last hour every time threw ball of slop so 6mm pellet on hook and then we were racing to the finish fish every put in for last hour it was crazy probably had 40lb in last hour I knew it would be close between myself and peg 2 but thought peg 2 probably just pipped me to the post he weighed in 55lb my turn to weigh in first net 30lb 2nd net went 27lb wow couldn’t believe it I had won the match and what won me the match was the switch for silvers while waiting for f1s to turn up in all had a great day and I think because it was a club match I’ve qualified for Tricast Weston pools clubman competition if it’s running this year got to say thanks to Kristian Jones and Andy Bennett for taking time out and providing some useful hints and tips it was very much appreciated!

Craig Taylor

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