Catching Gold with Gold! – Justin Beale

Bait-Tech’s resident Barbel expert Justin Beale lifts the lid on a tactic that he regards highly in his angling armoury. When most anglers are fishing with Pellets and Boilies targeting Barbel Justin often fishes with the humble golden grain and rates it highly when the conditions are not ideal! Here’s his thoughts on the method…


Sweetcorn, the humble golden grain, can be a deadly tactic for Barbel. This is a bait that is largely overlooked in modern day barbel fishing as many favour more modern baits like pellets and boilies, but it is a bait that you should have in your armoury without a shadow of a doubt and one that I never ignore!

During the summer on low clear and semi clear rivers Sweetcorn is deadly. When bites are at a premium on pellet the good old corn will continue to score for you. Corn is my go to bait when I fish a low clear river in the daytime in summer to start my session as I build my swim, swapping to pellet and then back to corn as a change bait.

It’s such a simple but deadly tactic and here’s how I use it..

Take a tin of Bait-Tech Super Sweetcorn Natural, pour it into a small plastic bag.

Then, boost it by giving the corn in the bag a liberal dosing of Bait-Tech Liquid Corn. Boosting the corn in this way does make a difference, corn is a visual pull for barbel but of course the natural smell of corn has pulling power, by boosting it stacks the odds even more in my favour!

I don’t feed a lot of corn at all, I use corn in conjunction with a Groundbait and pellet feed approach, but, on every other cast I put 3/4 grains of corn into the feeder as loose offerings. This tactic ensures there is a minimal amount of corn going into my swim, just enough to give the fish a bait or two without a hook in it, giving them confidence to pick up the corn. The object here is to attract and not feed!

I use 3 grains of corn hair rigged. Now this is important… See how I have rigged the corn on the hair.. This is how corn looks on the riverbed, naturally, not neatly sandwiched together in stacks like you would normally see carp anglers use.. Throw a few grains into the river and you’ll see what I mean!

And there you have it! Told you it was simple..

Give it a go and I promise you it will become an integral part of your armoury. These tactics will work for you in the summer, Autumn and even in the winter on a low cold clear river, oh and the Chub love it too! Good luck!

Justin Beale





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