Just A Common Girl – Becky Sharman

I’d been watching my syndicate lake for the past couple of evenings after work, wanting to achieve a good hit as I only had an overnight session. As I left work Thursday at 5pm I quickly rushed to the lake which was a stone’s throw from my office, the weather was starting to close in and the forecast wasn’t great, early thunderstorms right through until later that night.

Once I arrived I noticed a few spots which were looking good for a bite or two, however I wanted to approach the lake differently to the previous time I fished it. From wondering around the lake I wanted to find a spot that didn’t get fished, or 9 times out of 10 get overlooked due to the trickiness of the cast and the possibility of the loss of rigs in the snags.

It had been an hour since arriving and I’d virtually set up, I’d baited my chosen spot and my rod was in. For many a year I’ve had great success with my 360 rig, so it was without a doubt it was already placed on the spot with a 14mm Poloni pop-up which had been showered with several handfuls of 18 and 14mm Poloni freebies. As I sat back down to set up my second rod with its rig, my rod ripped off! Pulling round to the left I dropped everything and jumped straight onto it as it was ever closer to the snag’s, after I managed to steer the fish nearly round, the rig came flying from the water and I’d lost the fish to a hook pull. I was gutted but excited at the same time that a bite had come so quickly. After checking the hook was still sharp within minutes the rod was back out on the spot.

By this time the rain had started to fall and look like it was here for the duration.



My second rod was out just in time for the second take of the night, still off the same spot I’d found, the indication was not great as I had decided to back lead my line to protect my second rod. BIG MISTAKE!!

I ended up only having a 10 second battle with this fish as it had travelled a good distance and it finally took out my other line which then ended in a hook pull. After reeling both rods in I was beginning to get angry with myself and thought to myself I need to change tactic’s here. So there was not going to be anymore back leading for me. I also changed rigs to a multi rig as I knew it would do pretty much exactly what the 360 would do, but if I had another take I knew there was more chance of the fish remaining on and it’s always a quick change if the hook is blunt.

Still remaining positive and hoping that I hadn’t ruined my swim, I replaced my rods back on their spots and replenished with freebies, by this time I was soaked, the rain was persistent and the storm was overhead. After 20 minutes of making a cuppa and trying to dry off, my left rod flew into action once again, hoping and praying this fish would not hook pull I played it very cautiously. As I was adjusting my position ready to grab my landing net my line on my other rod started to pull, thinking I might have crossed lines I called my husband to drop the rod in the water, as he picked the rod up to move it, it was another fish. I’d only gone and had a double take!

Rather then pull both fish in myself and jeopardise their safety I let Shaun do the business. Mind you he ended up with the bigger of the two, He had a Mirror and I had the Common, however I was really pleased everything was now going right.


After everything calmed down for a few hours and the weather was improving I re-baited my swim with both sizes of Poloni and as dark came I settled down for the night. The storm had left the air very muggy and the fish were very lively and crashing out all around the lake which sounded amplified due to the stillness of the surroundings. I didn’t think many hours sleep were in order, and I was right, within the hour of darkness my left hand rod that had been on fire was again screaming off. This spot I’d found was most certainly producing the goods. I managed to land another beautiful common, slightly smaller then the earlier one but never the less a fine specimen.

Finally after recasting under the moonlight and topping up the spot I managed to get my head down for a few hours sleep, setting my alarm for 5.30am knowing I’d have to be gone by 6.30am to be able to get home and showered and back to my day job on time.

Not believing I’d get another bite I started packing away my gear, everything was pretty much away, I pulled in my right rod first as it hadn’t produced as many takes as the left hand. As soon as I knelt to turn off my alarm on my right rod my left line started moving really slowly, I watched for a few moments and got ready to strike. As I played the fish I felt it was going to be the largest of the session, it took me for a good ride and as it started to tire it showed itself and again it was a lovely dark common which was soon resting in the bottom of my net. Happy days!

A few quick snaps and I popped her back. Now the race was on to get packed up and out of there. I fortunately did make it back all in the nick of time and I’m now counting down the days until the next session.

Until next time

Becky Sharman
Carp Team

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