Quick Change Bait Tip! – Tony Curd

Bait-Tech’s Tony Curd shares a simple baiting tip that makes things that little bit quicker and easier when on the bank!

Having plenty of hook bait options is vital in any angling situation – particularly when fishing on commercial fisheries. On certain days the fish definitely favour different baits, different colours or even different smells/flavours. Something that could potentially see anglers not be so forthcoming in swapping and changing accordingly is the problem of changing hook lengths over repeatedly potentially ruining a couple of perfectly good hook lengths without really putting them to good use.

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When fishing the bomb or waggler on commercials Pellets, Corn and Meat generally have most situations covered and a really simple way to use all three baits on the same hook length is to use the ever faithful hair rigged bait band. Starting off with the band attachment itself it is vital to ensure the band is tied into a small loop this is easily achieved by threading the band onto the line, creating a small loop just big enough to  pass the band through (Twice) and then holding the loop and easing it down towards the band as you tighten it to stop just short of holding the band tightly – by doing this you’ll find that the band lasts a lot longer and doesn’t cut through as it would if you tied a knot to the band itself to attach it to the line. A nice short hair with around 2mm between the hook and band is perfect to ensure any pick-ups will be hooked easily.

Once you’ve got your hook length tied up its simply a case of banding pellets if you wish my personal choice are the Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellets in 6 and 8mm sizes. Should the fish back off a bit and a change is required or you feel you’re not getting bites quick enough then changing over to Bait-Tech Super Sweetcorn couldn’t be easier and I really rate this product as the colour is the brightest I have found which is one of the main benefits of the bait in the first place.

1 – Simply put a grain on the baiting needle (Blunt end down).

2 – Hook the needle into the band and stretch it slightly.

3- Once stretched ease the grain of corn onto the band and release it the band will retract inside the corn holding it in place.

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