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Us mere fishermen love to play with our baits and flavours to foil the legendary distrust of our dear carp. That’s why I do not break the rules because we all have tried to find the perfect formula (sweet utopia!) and I will always add the perfect formula of the moment.

I tend to lean towards liquids in order to increase and improve my results. I set my heart on oils because of their convenience and ease of use but above all on their mechanical properties. But first things first and back to basics on the benefits of oils.


Wikipedia is your friend!

An oil is by definition a fatty body which in the liquid state at room temperature does not mix with water. I turn to oil in liquid additive materials for that very reason – due to their different densities – this may seem prohibitive but will be extremely important when I am looking to ‘mark’ my spot to attract the fish through the scents they give off.

Another advantage of the oils is that they are formidable indicators. They will help you see exactly where you are fishing with an oily flat spot on the surface and even more crucially they will see if the fish are feeding on the spot. It’s very simple to tell because you will begin to see particles rising to the surface creating a flat spot even in the heaviest ripples.

I’m not going to make a check list of these oils on the market but just the ones that I use throughout the year but also the way I use them.

Oils tend to work in all water layers either horizontally or vertically – it cannot be easier, right? I’ll give you a concrete example: When I’m fishing the method I mix my groundbait and I then add 2-3 caps of oil. This increases the attractiveness of the bait.


But the oil is not reserved exclusively for flavours of the mix. It also boosts my mixtures of particles. I do not hesitate to add Bait-Tech Krill & Tuna oil on a mixture of hemp, ground tigers and sweetcorn.

This mix allowed me to experience some beautiful fishing on a lake I fished, while the guy in the next peg wasn’t so lucky. Certainly this does not explain everything but personally it gives me confidence.

As a Booster

Another advantage of the oils is that they help boost your bait. To differentiate myself from other fishermen to gain that vital edge, I always soak some bait in a small vial filled with oils. Some pop-ups, boilies and then use an oil glug. They absorb all the flavors and attractants contained in the oils and start working on their entry into the water and continue this for a while thereafter.


These are my favorite baits during the winter fishing using single hook baits or when fishing on muddy substrates to counteract the nauseating effects of the mud. In the summer when I fish with a zig-rig, I soak my pieces of foam or plastic in a pot filled with oil. They will then play their roles and allow me to go for bonus fish.

Tip: When using PVA bags, sometimes I pour a few milliliters of oil directly into the bag on the solid mixture or I use a syringe after compression of the bag to add oil to it. During the explosion of the bag, the oily particles, due to their different density from water, work differently than the solid mixture. We then have two modes of attraction, that’s what I like to call create a booster column.

You see my way of using the oils in our fishing is more than simple. I’m not looking to be an alchemist but just using the mechanical properties included in each oil product.

Be lucky

David Dauchy
Carp Team



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  1. Jack September 7, 2018 at 8:09 am


    Great article, I don’t really use oils but that will change from now on


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