First Fish, First Session, New Lake – Buzzing!

With my Linear syndicate running out later this year I started looking for a local back up water nearer to home. I was lucky to be offered a beautiful old silty estate lake 20 minutes drive from my home in Shropshire.

After collecting my ticket on Thursday I decided to have a walk around the lake to get a feel for the place, it really is a unique lake with it being from around 40 to 90+ yards wide and approximately 1 mile long – split into two lakes it is always going to be about finding a few fish to go at.

I finished work, the van was loaded and with two nights to my disposal I headed off to the lake. On arriving, I found it to be fairly busy and went about having trying to find a few fish to angle for, I also texted a member I know and asked if he knew of any areas that could be a starting point for me.

I was told that the first bay would be a good shout so decided to go and have a look and within a few minutes I noticed a few show in the pads in from of a swim that was taken so I dropped in the swim next to it as I thought it was my best option.


I went about setting up camp and getting the rods out, I started off with a couple of singles at around 45/50 yards. After a few hours a hadn’t really seen much else so opted to spread out ¾ of a kilo of Poloni boilie at the same range and place two rods in the area with the matching Poloni pop ups on multi rigs so the baits would sit nice and low to the silt over the top and settled in for the night full of anticipation.

The night went by without so much as a bleep and I felt like I must surely be missing something. I started thinking about the show I had seen near the pads the previous evening and come to the conclusion that a few fish must be sticking to the margins with the angling pressure so I chose to move my right hand rod to the far margin at around 80+ yards to some overhanging trees.

I dispatched around 50/60 baits over with the throwing stick tight and also into the trees where I guessed could be a few fish hiding. Later that evening I heard what I thought could be a carp crash deep into the trees so I was hoping that one would edge out during the night and I would bag my first Hawk lake carp.

At around 4:30am the right hand rod screamed into action, I lifted into the fish but it was running straight at me so I frantically reeled in to try and get the fish under control. Once around 20 yards out it really started to put up a good old scrap due to the lake only being around 3 foot all over but after a few minutes I finally slid the next under my first carp from a new club water and it’s safe to say I was buzzing, don’t get me wrong I’ve caught bigger carp but that really doesn’t matter as I’m sure you know that feeling we get when it finally hits the spreader block.


The pretty common went 19.05lb but unfortunately nothing else happened on the carp front and with it being Father’s Day I decided to pack up and head home to see the family.

All in all I was happy to have got off the mark early and really enjoyed my first session on the stunning venue that is Hawk Lake.

Until next time

Tight lines

Kev Horton
Carp Team

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