River PB for Mitch Godfrey

Well the new river season couldn’t have started much better …….with a new pb, I was certainly buzzing from this one.

I decided on a roving approach, targeting slacks and back waters. On the River Trent as it was high with plenty of colour.

5am saw me grabbing the waggler rod, a few tins of Super Sweetcorn and plenty of Krill pellet.. I started in a marina, baiting a few spots with the idea to give them each an hour or so, unfortunately the morning passed without any luck, just a few dips of the float from small bream.

So I decided to give the slacks a go, I love fishing slacks on flooded rivers, as the fish seem to congregate not wanting to battle against a flooded river. After driving around looking for a likely spot, I eventually settled on a bit of a back water, very weedy though with no clear spots.

Time was running out though as the footie was about start, and I didn’t want to miss us thrashing the Welsh, so in went Super Sweetcorn and a bag of Krill pellets with the thought of returning after the football.

A great result in the footie, and I was heading back hoping I could get the same result from the river. With there being so much weed I’d decided on taking a loaf of bread with me, the idea to have it slowly sinking and sitting on top, and not being buried in amongst it like I thought the sweetcorn might.

Within minutes the float was bobbing so I knew something was on the bait, and it didn’t take long before it sailed under, and I was on it in a flash. It took the fish a while to get its bearings, and at first I thought I was snagged, but then she was off, no stopping these big Trent carp on the first run…!

I managed to stop it eventually, and it kited to my left, but I couldn’t stop it from heading into an overhanging tree where it decided to tether me up, there was nothing else for it, so in I went and luckily only had to snap 1 branch and she was free again, with the landing net still down the bank I had a bit of a job getting her back there but eventually managed to slide the net under a lovely fat common and a new Trent PB – totally made up, and glad I went in to free her, a little lucky maybe as I was using barbless hooks, but fortune shines on the brave.


I decided to leave the swim again and try a couple of other spots, with all the commotion of me in the water and wading along the bank, so a bit more bait in and away again. Again no luck elsewhere so back again on the spot, and same float Bobbing from the off had to wait about 15 minutes before I was into another fish, this time a little scrappy wildy about 9- 10lb.

It was dusk before my next bite, this time a lovely chocolate coloured upper 20s common…


What a day, England thrashing the Welsh and a new PB…. Happy days…

Mitch Godfrey
Carp Team

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