Anthony’s First France Trip

I have just returned from my trip to France and it didn’t quite go to plan!

The venue selected was a stunning 2.5 acre lake called Les Bruyeres and it is an amazing place to wet a line.


Me and my good mate Bill got to the venue late Saturday night and did not waste any time flicking singles outs for the night, with the idea of getting up early Sunday morning and having a good look round and making plans for the fishing ahead.

The following morning I did a lap of the lake and settled back in the same swim I had done the night in. It was the middle of the lake and gave me a lot of open water, a nice snaggy far margin and nice looking margin to my right.

Having had a good chat to the fishery owner Andi with him pointing out a few known areas the fish patrol, I soon got on with finding my spots and clipping up my rods. Now it was time for bait!

I air dried 6 kilos of Poloni boilies before getting out to France (with more frozen in the on-site freezer). At the lake I put the air dried baits in a bucket and soaked them in a good helping of Bait-Tech’s CSL and lake water to rehydrate the baits and wash them out.

I spread just over a 2 kilos along the far margin, as I wanted to fish for a bite at a time and build up the swim over the coming days.

I opted to fish a stiff flourocarbon rig with a supple hair and a Poloni Wafter hookbait over the top with a small stick made up with Poloni groundbait & Oil, on a lead clip set up.

The evening turned to night and the right hand rod was away and I landed my 1st carp of the trip at 26.08oz.


I was woken a few hours later with a screaming take on the left had rod, just after sunset which resulted in a chunky 30.06oz common.


It was a great start and I was looking forward to getting into the bigger resident’s the lake holds, but the fish had other ideas! The sun was up with hot clear skies and the carp decided they wanted to start spawning!!!

We didn’t want to fish while they were spawning and reeled in to let nature unfold. I have never seen spawning like it, it lasted the best part of 3 days and there was carp to 60lb inches from the bank.

Come Thursday evening the weather had cooled off and all signs of spawning was over! The rods went back out and I landed a small mirror that was just under 16lb. The rest of the trip was quiet for me but a few other fish came out around the lake.

I will be back to this fantastic venue again when the fish are not spawning armed with the Poloni and try and bag a few of the lumps!

Anthony Meikle

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