A Return To Mescar – Darren Tracey

Darren Tracey heads back to a venue he hasn’t been to in a long while for a session where he also managed to get his young daughter bagging!

Sunday saw me choosing to visit a local venue I’ve not been to for a good while. The venue choice for the session was image1 (1)Mescar Fisheries, situated in Lydiate near Liverpool. The fishery consists of 3 lakes. I decided to fish Mescar Lake specifically Peg 2. Mescar Lake is 4.5 acres 62 peg water with a large head of carp, skimmers/bream, ide, roach and rudd. After speaking to the owners earlier in the week, I was told the carp had started to spawn. This seemed evident when I arrived to find fish crashing about in the marginal reeds. Not one to be put off I set up my stall with a view to getting a bait in the water and catching whatever I could tempt.

With the options presented to me on peg 2, I was wanting to try and keep things simple. So with that, I decided on method feeder to the island. This would be fished with Bait-Tech Big Carp Method Mix Krill and Tuna groundbait on the feeder with 8mm hi-viz flouro boilie hook bait. Pellet waggler in conjunction with 8mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellets on a bait band and also loose fed. 2 pole lines. Line 1 – straight out at 11.5 metres, fishing 4mm Bait-Tech Xpand over 2mm Carp and Coarse pellets. Line 2 fished at 2+1 down the left hand margin fishing Super Sweetcorn Scopex on the hook over BCMM Krill and Tuna and loose fed corn.

Getting the rods out of the bag my tip rod was already rigged from a previous session. I used a 24 gram Guru Method Feeder with a 4″ hook length of N-gauge 0.19 to a size 16 QM1 hook and a bayonet on the hair. Pellet wag was a simple set up of 4 gram pellet wag float to a 12″ hooklength of N-gauge 0.17 to a size 16 hook with a bait band on the hair. Pole line 1, fishing 4mm Xpand on the hook – 0.4g Dino York to N-gauge 0.15 mainline to 0.11 hook length to size 16 hook. Line 2 fishing corn – 0.3g Dino Trux to N-gauge 0.17 mainline to 0.15 hook length to size 16 hook.

Starting off on my method feeder baited with an Bait-Tech 8mm fluoro boilie on the band and the feeder loaded up with the Bait-Tech BCMM Krill and Tuna, I cast to the island. Within a couple of minutes the tip had shot round with the resulting common carp giving itself up after a few minutes fighting. Next few casts in resulted in a string of skimmers coming to the net. As the swim went quiet, I continued loading and recasting the feeder every 10-15 minutes, and alternated the colour of boilie I was using. After another carp I chose to rest the area and move onto my long pole line. Having fed the swim with micros, I dropped in with a 4mm expander. No sooner had the float settled it had buried with the result being a skimmer. Potting in some more micros and dropping my hook bait in and another skimmer was netted. This remained the pattern for a while, until I lifted into a bite. As quick as the fish bolted off, the elastic pinged back. Shipping in and finding a large scale on my hook – clearly foul-hooked.

I rebaited and went back in again. After a while of no bites, I assumed the foul hooked fish had spooked the swim. So, I left it to settle. I moved into my margin swim, which I had been gradually feeding up with loose fed corn and Krill and Tuna groundbait. With a grain of corn on the hook, I dropped in and almost immediately the float went under and a roach was on its way in. Throwing in a few more loose offerings and a bit more cupped loose groundbait, dropping in, this time another skimmer. This was the pattern for a good hour, roach, skimmers and bigger bream each put in.

To rest this swim, I chose to give pellet wag a try. I’d been pinging in 8mm pellets through the sessions so far so I was feeling optimistic. On my first cast, the float and pellet plopped in and the line almost immediately tightened as a carp had took my pellet and swam straight off. After a 5 minute fought, the carp was unhooked and released. I stuck with the pellet wag for a good 45 minutes, but despite altering my depths, I couldn’t tempt another bite. So, I went back in on the method feeder, where I quickly added a carp to the catch, followed by more skimmers!

As the session went on, I had a visit from my wife and daughter. My daughter was very keen to have a fish, so I brought the feeder in. Standing her on my footplate decided to keep it short and put in down the margin! Thanks to the fact I’d not neglected the swim and had continued feeding it, it took seconds before I was swinging in her first ever skimmer and her face was lit up. After a few more skimmers and roach, she decided she just wanted to watch now! So I stuck with the margin giving how productive it was. I continued to catch lots of skimmers with some bigger bream, roach and a couple of small carp.

Happy with how my day has gone, especially how bright and hot the weather was with the display in the car reading 28 degrees, I called it a day before I melted!! I was really pleased with my session and the mixed bag I put together. And it would seem that it’s not just carp that Big Carp Method Mix Krill and Tuna appeal to as the silvers couldn’t get enough of it also. Roll on the weekend and the session.

Tight Lines

Darren Tracey

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