How Good Are Shelf Lifes?

As an avid freezer bait user I too had the some usual concerns regards to ‘shelf-life’ boilies, but after using the Poloni ones during my latest France trip where I banked 34 carp including 4 x 40’s on a beautiful but tough 42 acre lake and a few sessions since where I managed carp to mid 30’s, I can honestly say I would be more than happy to hit the bank with a few bags of the Poloni.



The preconception with regards to shelf life is that they will be a hard lifeless bait, but it couldn’t be any further from the truth. I’ve had very good anglers take a look at the shelf life Poloni and be pleasantly surprised how soft and potent they really are.

I’m currently on my syndicate in Oxford and I’m concentrating on boilie only this season, and normally I would be air drying the baits to help prolong the life but also aid baiting with the throwing stick. But with air drying, my personal feeling is it takes the life out of the baits and I’d rather my baits have some instant attraction but still be throwing stick friendly.


Since my trip to France I’ve been adding oils i.e the Poloni or the Krill & Tuna oils or sometimes both, the beauty with the resealable bags is that I can add the oils days or even weeks in advance and let the oils really soak into the boilie and simply reseal the bag for you’re next session.



You can also add a groundbait on to the baits to really add a different dimension to your baits that can be spombed out or with a catapult which I think can be a great edge to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Until next time, tight lines

Kev Horton

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  1. Robert Woods July 4, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    As Poloni oil is quite pungent can you over do the glugging on boilies and likes of PVA bags…?

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