The Ups and Downs of Fishing – Paul Carnwell

Paul Carnwell recently won the Silver Fish Festival at Blake Hall – Here he returns for a 3 Day Bank Holiday Festival where things didn’t quite go to plan but with lots of lessons learnt he will be back!

Blake Hall Fisheries Festival

I was looking  forward to this having just a few weeks ago fished a silvers festival on this great complex. Draw time this 20160528_123921happened early so I missed this as we were having a walk around Blake pool and was left the last in the bag, I was given 32 on Blake and told the best winter peg as I was there in my tee shirt! I was told 80/90lb would be a good section weight. Plan would be simple lead and waggler attack, feeding 6mm 8mm fisheries pellets.With great anticipation using my new Garbolino UK4 CARP POLE for the first time, this was to be set up on a no nonsense diameter 0.20 Garbo Line to a DCX2 0.6 float on a four ft rig, elastic wise was BAZOOKARP COEX 12/14 green. At the all-in I started on the lead, cast to the island a little short so a recast was in order unfortunately a squirrel was knocked out if the tree ‘oh dear’ I thought! Re-setting up I had noticed carp moving all over wondering if all the bait going in at the all-in had started the fish to spook (this reminded me of a great day on Heronbrook meadow peg 10) reaching for my margin rig altered the depth to 12 inch all shot under float, loaded the hook with 8/10 maggots starting at 7mtr swing out rig……. ooooosssshhhhh carp on here we go first fish on the new pole a bit of a fight to say the least at around the 12lb mark it great start after the first hour 45lb wow dream start me and the pole was handling the situation admirably! As the fish backed off it was a case of adding sections to keep in touch with the fish until I had no more pole it was then time to pick up the waggler rod every now and then, to keep picking an odd fish off. With 140lb in my 3nets I was now looking forward to a spot of margin fishing! Kicking it off with a big pot of Bait-Tech Kult Sweet Fishmeal a handful of maggots and corn added this was fed last hour, fishing worms first drop in a proper hard fighting pristine common  carp about 17lb  this continues full pot or two per fish, all out comes I was asked what weight I had and I replied ‘220lb’ after 6 weighs  a recalculation 226lb 4oz and a new Blake pool record my best ever days fishing on Blake Hall beating my 180lb about ten years ago and a dream start to the festival!

20160528_115702Day 2 Peninsula Pool peg 35 – 60lb off the peg the day before 3rd in section I won my practice match off 33 the week before so I was going to fish simple match 2x wagglers one light and a heavier version 30/45 yards lead underneath. Oh and my trusty margin tactics as above how spoilt was I yesterday very steady start on the waggler catching a few carp and small skimmers for around 40 odd lb until I picked the very trusted margin rig up. I had felt I was behind Jamie by around 20 lb at this stage hoping the Blake Hall munters would show up, I had seen the fish coming in and out a couple of time through the match so fingers crossed, well I had 3 bream for around 13lb and two carp for around  30lb with 18 minutes  to go disaster struck I had broken my pole pot rushing straight after losing my first carp…I got rattled at my poor mistakes and typically no more fish put in my net! I thought Jamie had around a ton of well caught waggler fish the scales came round Jamie had 94lb I put 88lb on the scales oh dear the one fish I lost and that poor 18 minutes!

Day 3 I drew the dreaded corner 48 on peninsula (why didn’t I have the last peg in the bag again!) the plan was going to20160528_102747 be waggler waggler and waggler I just hoped by a very steady match I could nick a few how wrong was I….. 3 hours in no bites bomb and wag nothing my section was fishing very hard with only a handful of carp coming out then 2 quick bites for 8lb game on then nothing oh dear, one lost fish on waggler. With an hour to go I fancied my edge for a few last gasp lumps! So in goes the groundbait a great big bow wave as I spooked a fish definitely very wary – here comes another mistake I picked up heavy rig and elastic (why I will never know as the set up I was using was just perfect) this resulted in another lost munter…back to my best rig one more fish in the net for a total weight of 19lb for 3rd  well the section was won with 29lb second was 23lb.

Out of the money this time around through my mistakes – one day I may learn but that is what keeps us keen!  But I must say I was absolutely over the moon with day one that was a fantastic day’s fishing. Hopefully back again next year as it’s a great complex and the matches are very well run!

Tight Lines

Paul Carnwell

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