Catching Bream with Omen – Dale Foss

A days bream fishing at Hackett Lakes, Nottingham.

I arrived at the lake at 06.30 and had the pick of the pegs as I was first there. I chose peg 5 and I had the wind blowing in my face. From experience I knew that at 40 yards out I would find a 10 or 11 ft water depth.

I set up a Guru medium cage feeder with a bead and a 50cm hook length 0.14 to a size 18 QM1 hook with a speed stop. I mixed 2kg of Omen groundbait with half a pint of casters and half a kilo of finely chopped worms. With a worm or Super Sweetcorn being the hook bait choice it took about half an hour to start getting a few knocks.

At around the 45 minute mark I got my first proper pull round and a 3lb bream was in the net! I continued to cast roughly every 8 minutes and the bream couldn’t resist. The Omen groundbait was once again proving unbeatable at holding fish in my peg.

Most of the bream were averaging around 2lb with the odd 3lb fish as a bonus. 90% of the fish were caught on the Super Sweetcorn Natural as its quite tough and it’s not unusual to catch a couple of fish on the same piece of corn, I think this is mainly because it holds to the speed stop perfectly.

After 5 hours of fishing it was time to head home. The bailiff weighed my net for me to find I had 51lb of Bream.

In my personal opinion I don’t think the peg I chose or the lack of anglers that day had anything to do with my result. I think it was all down to the pulling power of the Omen groundbait and its herby, garlicky smell. The stuff is awesome! I have now started using it on all of my bream and skimmer fishing and I haven’t had a bad day since, regardless of whether I’ve used it on feeder or cupping it on the pole, it’s brilliant!

My advice…. put your brown crumb to the back of the shelf and buy some of this….. it’s the business!!!

Dale Foss


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