Quick Edge from Pete Mahoney!

Bait-Tech Street Squad member Pete Mahoney shares a great tip for getting the most from our N-Tice Polony!

Here are four easy steps to give your meat fishing a massive boost when targeting Carp and Barbel. I’ve used a tin of N-tice Polony which is awesome anyway but I always like to try and get an edge on everyone else.

Firstly put your meat through a cutter and add a good glug of Bait-Tech Polony oil then mix it in. Secondly put the lot in a bag, give it a good shake about making sure that all the cubes have had a good coating then tie up the bag forcing all of the air out. Thirdly put it in the freezer for a couple of days.  As the meat freezes it draws the Polony oil through it so it’s not just on the surface of the bait. It also carries on the process as it defrosts.

Fourth step is the fun bit – simply go and catch some fish on it!
Pete Mahoney

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