Darren Tracey Midweek Hauling!

Darren Tracey gets out on the bank with Street Squad member Dave Williams at Lloyds Meadow Fishery for a mid week session!

Tuesday saw me have the opportunity of a bit of mid-week bank time, so arranged a trip out with Street Squad member and friend, Dave Williams. We headed to a regular haunt of Dave’s, and a venue I’ve not visited for quite a while so I was quite excited to make the trip out.

The venue of choice for the day was Lloyds Meadow Fishery in Mouldsworth, Cheshire. The fishery consists of 4 lakes image2spread over 9 acres of well-kept and well maintained land which really is a credit to the constant hard work put in by the owners Danny and Sarah Stone. The lakes contain a wide variety of species from common, ghost and mirror carp, along with roach, rudd, skimmers and bream, ide, perch, tench, and crucians. 1 thing was for certain, a good mixed bag should be on the cards. Meeting Dave at the fishery gates for the 6am opening time, we chose to fish Heron Pool. Heron is at the top end of the complex, and was suggested as there is a very big head of mixed silvers as well as common and mirror carp stocked. Ideal to give a mixed net and the chance to fish different methods.

Settling on my peg, 4th peg on the left side of the island, the swim was looking good with a small chuck to the island, plenty of open water for pole work and some marginal features to go at. With that, I decided on my approach. Hybrid feeder to the island, in which I would fill with a groundbait mix 2:1 ratio of Bait-Tech F1 and Special G Gold. I felt, given how the lake has an abundance of skimmers and bigger bream plus carp, the fishmeal smell of the mix should be a perfect attractant and feed. This would be fished with Bait-Tech Hi-Viz 8-10mm white shellfish boilies. With signs of fish both feeding on the bottom and also in the upper layers, I decided on 2 open water lines, around the 9.5m mark. Line 1 straight out at the 12 o’clock feeding dampened 2mm Carp and Coarse pellets with 4mm Xpand pellets soaked in Liquid Pellet. Also as the day went on, I switched to this line to also feed and fish cubes of 6mm Bait-Tech N-Tice Polony. I would feed a Line 2 at the 11 o’clock through the session to fish shallow, with 6mm Carp and Coarse pellets both as feed and on the band. Also a Line 3 would be employed fish 2+1 to my left among a partially submerged bramble bush. This would be feed with Super Sweetcorn Scopex, with the corn on the hook.

On to the rigs. With Lloyds Meadow operating a ‘No Fixed Rigs’ policy, my 24 gram Hybrid feeder was set up free running, down to a Guru Speed Bead. Connected to this was a 4″ hook length of Guru N-gauge 0.19 to a Size 14 QM1 hook with a bayonet on the hair. On the pole front, I set up 3 top kits Line 1, fishing pellet and meat on the deck – 0.4g Dino York Float to N-gauge 0.15 mainline, 0.11 hook length, size 16 hook. Line 2, shallow pellet – 0.2g Dino F1 to 0.15 mainline, 0.13 hook length to size 16 hook. Line 3 – Dino Trux float to 0.17 mainline, 0.15 hook length to a size 16 XS Carp hook.

image5Tempted by the island opposite I baited my hook with an 8mm boilie, loaded the feeder with the groundbait and in I cast. Almost instantly there was taps on the tip before the tip positively went round and a skimmer was on its way to the net. Reloaded and cast out again and another skimmer within a few minutes. This continued for a good hour, but with waits for a bite increasing to between 5-10 minutes before they stopped altogether.

Moving onto line 1, my pellet line. Hook baited and pot filled, shipped out and emptied the contents followed by the Xpand dropped in among the loose feed. After a short wait, the float dipped with a roach on its way to the net, followed by several more roach and skimmers. I then had a bite that I struck into which resulted in the characteristic short pause that tells you a carp is about to bolt and indeed it did! Netted and into the keepnet, I shipped back out, potted in some more micros and settled the bait. No more bites followed on this line after a while so thinking the carp might of spooked the swim I left it to settle back down and moved onto my line 2. I had been feeding this line throughout the session and with signs of cruising fish, I felt the time was right. So in I went, and was getting bites from the start. Despite some being difficult to connect with, I was able to hook into some nice roach, rudd and even a couple of skimmers! With bites becoming even tricker to connect with, I moved down to my edge line 3 swim This line I had been feeding regularly every 5 minutes with corn. First drop in and I was getting indications straight away. The float went under followed by a nice plump roach. With each put in, I had another 5 roach and a bream before the swim went quiet.

With this I went back on to my original line 1. I potted in some 2mm pellets with a couple of cubes of N-Tice, with a cube on the hook. First bite on the meat was from a nice bream, followed by smaller skimmers and a mirror carp. Again, the swim went quite. So with around an hour fishing time left, I switched back to the hybrid feeder to the island. As is typical when looking towards the end of a session, the hybrid was more productive than it was when used at the start, bringing fish within minutes of each cast. With more skimmers, bigger bream and carp into the keepnet it was time to bring the day to an end. Net out, and I was very pleased with the mixed bag of roach, rudd, skimmers, bream and carp.

Dave also put together a very impressive mixed bag of roach, skimmers, bream and carp. He fished a small Guru open image3end feeder, 0.13mm hooklength tied to a size 16 lwg hook. His mix for the feeder was made up of a 50/50 blend of F1 and Pro Natural groundbait with dead red maggots mixed in and dead red maggots on the hook. On his pole line fishing on the deck with Scopex Sweetcorn on the hook fished over fishery micro pellets.

A great session and a couple of nice mixed bags. Having now fished Heron Pool and getting a taste of the sport the pool has to offer, I look forward to returning again soon in which I will set myself up for an all-out silver session. My thanks go to Dave for putting me right on tactics to help get the best out of the session. Also to Danny and Sarah for allowing us to use our keepnets for our session and for their hospitality. If the fishery is within your radar, pay it a visit and enjoy some great sport in some nice tranquil surrounds.

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Darren Tracey

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