Q & A Tony Curd on Margin Fishing!

We put one of your questions to Bait-Tech’s Tony Curd this time centred around fishing with Groundbait down the edge!

Q: I had a frustrating day yesterday when fishing in the margins. The margin I was fishing was shallow at around 12” deep. I’ve caught really well here in the past with some very big fish and did nothing different to before. Groundbait and dead maggots were fed and the fish came in as I could see them. Unfortunately I caught very little though. Why couldn’t I catch them?

A: Tony Curd says –

It’s a strange one and it just goes to show that fish can switch off for any given reason. I can only assume the inclementK&TBAG289 weather is affecting them as reports seem to lead to a lot of venues fishing hard this weekend.

If signs point to conditions being hard you must alter your thinking and try and work for bites. Fishing for really big carp in the margins, I tend to leave out ALL loose feed and just go with a very strong pungent groundbait mix and my hookbait. The bigger the fish the more lethargic they are. They don’t feed in packs and often you are catching them 1 at a time rather than one after another. If this is the case I like to feed a strong smelling attractive groundbait like Bait-Tech’s Big Carp Method Mix Krill and Tuna. I will add nothing to this and simply fish a hookbait (which you can vary to see what suits). This gives the carp very little food option apart from your bait and should result in a bite. My preferred hook bait in these situations is generally 2 big worms as it becomes a real target bait for the big fish. Too many particles fed can give the fish too many options before getting to your hookbait. I’ve watched fish feed and swim off without looking at my hookbait before. This way I’m trying to lessen the possibility of that happening.

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