Observation Is The Key

After having no joy from a swim that should have produced me a fish or two, the following morning I was up early and looking for any signs of carpy activities and I spotted a small amount of bubbling in a secluded corner of the lake.


I then wound one of my rod’s in and put a nice fresh washed out pink poloni pop up with a small bag of micro pellets dipped in some Krill and Tuna oil.  This was then dropped in slowly near the feeding fish and walked the line back to my swim.  I then placed the rod back on the rests, within the hour the rod was off and attached to a very unhappy carp.


16lb 10oz of stunningly coloured Common carp.

All because I took a bit of time doing some observation, this is one of the key ingredients to catching carp.

Richard Handel

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  1. Rod Hart May 18, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    There is a lot more to locating Carp than meets the eye and to predict a water it takes a couple of seasons on that water, fishing all four seasons. Once learnt these skills will see you through the first successful banking of any carp on any water. Such a lot of so called carp anglers ignore watercraft you can watch them on any water most days, too idle to move to a showing fish, articles of this nature by many good anglers giving excellent advice on location, are ignored as “As though they do not apply to these anglers”. Keep pushing these out then one day they will realise location does matter, along with bait choice, Rigs and Care of the Carp before releasing it back to the water.

    Thank you for this please keep plugging Location, Playing fish, Netting them and Care during and after banking them all these things are vital to the well being of fish in general and their availability for the pleasure of anglers for years to come.

    • RICHARD HANDEL May 19, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      Rod, that’s good to hear that you like my article and I have spent many an hour up a tree watch fish, before I even consider putting a bait out and I spend a considerable about of time, just watching whenever I am on the lake. Carp care and fishing Etiquette is also something I am passionate about and have written about on my own website. (RichardHandel.com)
      Regards Richard Handel

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