Steve Cowley on Nutty Oil at Rookery!

Steve Cowley spends a few hours at Rookery Waters using a few of our new products!

I recently paid a visit to the awesome Rookery Waters fishery, which is located about 30 minutes from my base here inpoloni_summary Ely for an afternoon session on Jay Lake. Jay is a canal/snake style lake which is between 14.5-16m wide, but for today’s little session I would be fishing no further than 6 metres out and I was also going to feed a margin swim with groundbait.

Set up

Rig 1 “two plus two” 0.5 Dino Steel float, 014 Aspire mainline with 014 hook length and size 16 LWG hook.

Rig 2 in edge 0.3 Dino Steel float, 014 Aspire mainline with 014 hooklength and size 16 LWG hook.

On the bait front I had meat and groundbait, simplicity in itself. The meat was a mix of Bait-Tech N-Tice Polony and Mighty Meat Boosted, which was cut into 6mm cubes. This meat is the best I have used in a long time not only is it tough and durable, unlike some supermarket bought brands, it is a hell of a lot less fatty which man less mess on your pole sections and not floating cubes when fed. I had separated half of the ‘Mighty Meat’ and placed into a separate food bag where I liberally applied some of the Bait-Tech Nutty oil, sealed the bag and shook vigorously. This coated all the meat in the oil, which was left this way until just before I started, where I transferred it into a clean bag ready for use. This new oil is exactly what it says it contains lots of Tiger nut and peanut oil and smells good enough to spread on toast. Also being PVA friendly, like all the Bait-Tech oils, there are a multitude of uses for it – I had only scratched the surface

The N-Tice is something else altogether, as soon as you open the tin, you can smell the goodness and can see why fish go nuts for it. Like I mentioned today I have cubed it into 6mm sized cubes but if bigger carp were the quarry, then I would use 8mm cubes and possible even use 10mm on hook. On the groundbait front, I had mixed half a bag of the new Bait-Tech Big Carp Method Mix Poloni. This is a new product that has been released for 2016 and, after the unparalleled success of the Poloni Boilies last year; this is going to be a massive success aswell. The minute I opened the bag, the smell of herbs and spices tingles the nose hairs and when mixed get even stronger. Hopefully the margin fish here at Rookery would feel the same about it.

I started off by feeding a dozen cubes of meat on the 6m line, before depositing three big cupful of the Poloni groundbait which also contained around a dozen cubes of meat. Starting off at 6m, my plan was not to loose feed any more meat until I had caught the first fish…..which didn’t take long, first drop in to be precise and a hard fighting ghost carp graciously came to the net. Next put in, I look fed a dozen cubes of meat and lowered the rig down, just holding the meat off bottom for a few seconds before lowering the rig to dead depth, a few seconds later the elastic was streaming out of the pole again. The beauty of using a softer set elastic, is that the fish are able to run right out of the swim so as not to disturb or upset the other feeding fish.

It was obvious the carp were in a feeding mood, so I swapped the N-Tice hook bait for the Nutty oil soaked variety to nutty_oil_summarysee if the response would be the same. After a couple of missed bites, which were probably liners, the float shot under and ‘Nutty’ carp number one took a liking to the added attraction. This was the pattern over the next hour and carp, along with the odd F1, were willingly snaffling the meat almost as soon as the rig settled, all the while I had kept the margin line primed and now was the time to try it. Slipping on a Nutty Oil soaked cube of meat, I lowered the rig over the pre fed area and the elastic shot out of the pole even before it got to the bottom. After a brief tussle one side of the the lake and back, a nice 4lb ghost carp came to the net. I decided to stay in the margins for the next hour, but all the while keep the feed going in on the other line, just in case it was required. One thing I did notice whilst fishing the inside line, was that if I fed meat loosely, I suffered a lot of liners, where as if I fished out a cup of groundbait each bite was hit. With the cold winds starting to get up and some serious looking clouds on the horizon, I knew it would be time to end the session pretty soon. With that in mind, I fed a final cup of the Poloni groundbait mix into the edge, lowered the rig in and after a minute or so……wallop……something a bit more substantial was attached to the other end. Shooting straight over to the far bank vegetation, I buried the pole tip under the water before finally gaining some elastic back. A short while after of battling with the unseen beast up and down the swim an orange coloured flank surfaced and a beautiful Koi Mirror carp was sat in the net. This was one of the most gorgeous looking fish I had caught in a long while and the perfect fish to end the session on.

Walking back to the car, I reflected on how using a new bait can give you the upmost confidence. I for one haven’t been a fan of changing the make-up of different baits, but using the Nutty Oil today has definitely opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. The Poloni groundbait is perfect for my edge work, it is a proven big

carp attractor and worked just as I had liked today. These two new products get my vote and should definitely be on your shopping list, the next time your local dealer is visited…..oooooosssssshhhhhh

Tight Lines

Steve Cowley

Street Squad

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