Steve Cowley on The Juice – With a Twist!

Our new Bait-Tech The Juice has really got the angling worlds brains whirling and it’s endless uses are seeing it being used in many different ways – here’s another twist from Steve Cowley!

Earlier this year Bait-Tech released a new product called The Juice.
This is a nice sweet smelling, thick gulf style liquid,image1 that the usage properties are endless!

Just recently Bait-Tech angler Dean Barlow, decided to give it a twist by diluting it slightly with water and filling a small pump atomiser which was perfect for the on the go match angler, to spray onto baits or method feeders…….a brilliant idea.

I recently took the opportunity to do the same thing myself but also added a twist, by dying the “Juice” mixture red. I did 2 150ml bottles and two 75ml bottle with a different ratio in each. A 50/50 mix of The Juice and water produced a nice spray, where the other mix was 75/25 in favour of The Juice which produced a jet type spray when pumped. To dye the mix the red colour I simply used food colouring quite liberally to produce the perfect red mix.

I have used this recently on a pellet method, either dying the pellets red or keeping the clear Juice coating on the pellets and feeder. The pellets get liberally coated and being a nice sticky liquid, even when diluted Clings to the softened pellets a treat! If you haven’t seen or tried it yourself yet, get down to your local dealer or stop me on the bank for a demo.

Tight Lines

Steve Cowley

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